Robyn Caughlan portrait © Craig Peihopa
Robyn Caughlan photographed by Craig Peihopa

Robyn Caughlan is a warm, spiritual, creative soul “blessed with a multicultural heritage” – her father originating from Ireland, and Aboriginal mother from the Darug and Darkinjung lineage in New South Wales.

Her journey into art began at the age of 30 and has “filled a void in me that I thought would never be filled.”

Robyn’s contemporary Aboriginal style is re-imagined through furnishing textiles and wall covering, with her first Materialised collaboration, Dream.


“We should never be afraid to put our true feelings on canvas. Artists are the keepers of history. We are all storytellers.”

“We are many cultures but we are one. If the world realised this, we could all live in peace and harmony… There is enough negativity in the world. It’s up to us to come together to make it a better place.” Read more…

Robyn Caughlan – Dream

Dream by Robyn Caughlan

Four of Robyn’s artworks are re-imagined in 21 colourways through high-performance textiles and wall covering.

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