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Acoustic Solutions

Commercial spaces often present acoustic challenges – with noise reverberating and echoing off hard surfaces, vast foyers or intimate spaces.

Natural light, oversized windows, high ceilings, glass boxes, open plan spaces are all aesthetically pleasing design choices loved by modern architects and interior designers. However, noise often reverberates, echoes and amplifies off these hard surfaces.

Sound that is not managed is interfering with complex task performance, speech intelligibility, behaviour, and is a potential stress inducer. This is therefore contradicting the experiences we want people to have, whether it be in the work place, relaxing in a hotel, recovering in hospital or enjoying your later years in an aged care facility.

With the aim to tackle the reflected sound within these commercial spaces, Materialised offer a variety of acoustic solutions, for a harmonious balance of acoustics and aesthetics.

These can help contribute to your Green Star Rating.

Acoustic Sheer Drapery

Hush Acoustic Sheer Drapery

Hush Acoustic Sheers absorb significantly more sound energy than any other sheer fabric that I know of. These acoustic sheers are an ideal way to introduce desperately needed, unobtrusive and highly effective sound absorption”. David Spargo, owner of Praxis Acoustics.

Acoustic Sheer Blinds

Hush Acoustic Sheer Blinds

You’ll hardly believe the huge difference a simple sheer fabric can make to the acoustic amenity of a room. Our range of Hush Acoustic sheer blinds are lightweight, translucent, acoustic textiles; a combination that was previously unavailable for commercial spaces.

Hush Light Reduction

Opaque Drapery

An array of print designs and plain colour options to satisfy the most exacting demands in aesthetics and functionality. These fabrics offer the look and feel of soft drape whilst their technology offers functionality as both light reduction and acoustic control, delivering an outstanding Noise Reduction Coefficient rating between 0.58 and 0.71.

Acoustic Art

With Custom Design Options

An effective, affordable and adjustable acoustic solution – perfect for any area where noise negatively effects the soundscape – while adding a visual dimension to the space.


Acoustic Walls On Steroids

In the ten years since Materialised purchases the Australasian WhisperWall® license, the awareness of acoustics in interior design has (thankfully) increased enormously! The WhisperWall® system of attaching and decorating acoustic absorbers is often said to have caused a truce in the war between Acousticians and Designers.

Acoustic Pin


WhisperPin® offers the same acoustic and aesthetic benefits as Acoustic Art, with the added benefit of a slimmer profile – perfect for work space pin boards.