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Hush Sheer Drapery

Acoustic Sheers – Drapery

You’ll hardly believe the huge difference a simple sheer fabric can make to the acoustic amenity of a room. Our range of Hush Acoustics Sheer Drapery fabrics are lightweight, translucent, acoustic textiles; a combination that was previously unavailable for commercial spaces.

Hush Sheer Drapery

Hush Acoustic sheer drapery fabric comes in three different patterns:

  • Soundcheck (pictured above at RSL Lifecare. Image credit: McNally Architects)
  • Frequency
  • Wavelength

They are all in a simple, neutral colour palette. They have the added advantage of being woven at 330cm wide, making the fabrics perfect for installations where large windows are a feature.

“Hush Acoustic Sheers absorb significantly more sound energy than any other sheer fabric that I know of. In contemporary decors where hard surfaces are preferred, these acoustic sheers are an ideal way to introduce desperately needed, unobtrusive and highly affective sound absorption.”
David Spargo, owner of Praxis Acoustics

The Power of Hush Sheer Drapery

NRC Rating

To quantify our fabrics as commercial acoustic solutions, each is tested and awarded an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating.

The NRC relates to the absorption effectiveness of the material, and is calculated by averaging how absorptive a material is at 4 different frequencies: 250hz, 500hz, 1000hz and 2000hz.Taking this average number, it is then applied it to the NRC scale of 0 to 1.

A perfectly sound absorptive material achieves a 1, whereas a 0 indicates no absorption.

With the fabric positioned approximately 15 to 20cm from the window or wall, researchers found that it could absorb up to five times as much sound as a typical lightweight fabric. At low frequencies, around 200hz, it absorbed no more than about a fifth of the incidental sound energy. However, at frequencies of about 500hz (human ears have a maximum sensitivity between about 3000-4000hz), the fabric absorbed about three quarters of the incidental sound energy.

Hush sheer drapery NRC
Hush sheer blinds NRC

Case Studies With Acoustic Sheers