Sibella Court

Interior designer, product designer, author, globetrotter and content creator, Sibella Court has penned a library of award-winning and best-selling books and creates content for her very own newspaper and social media channels. All this whilst also contributing to magazines including Belle, Vogue Living, House & Garden Australia and Domino.

In 2015 Sibella hosted ABC’s Restoration Australia, a seven-part TV series filmed over two and a half years showcasing her passion for Australian history and celebrating the restoration of heritage houses. This series continues to be popularly rerun on ABC and available on Netflix. With her own education in Australian history & fine arts, she endeavours to support further education through public speaking, workshops and ambassador role with Billy Blue College of Design.

Find Sibella’s Nostalgia and Seaworthy collections on the blog.

Furnishing Textiles, Roller Blind & Wall Covering Print Collection


Sibella Court’s Nostalgia textile & wall covering collection is steeped in her memories of spending a decade living in New York City. 


Inspired by the seasonal pilgrimage of French & American 1920’s creatives, Seaworthy embodies patterns drawn from Sibella’s textile & object library.

Sibella Court x Materialised collections
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Seaworthy Sibella Court x Materialised
Sibella Court x Materialised