Wall Corner Guards & Protectors

Corner Guard corner protector

Corner Guards For Extra Wall Protection

Need extra wall protection for hard-hit corners? Healthcare, education, hospitality, corporate and retail projects can place extra demand on your design and longevity of selected wall covering.

Corner Guards Solve That Problem

Once your walls are protected with Hard Knocks Type III wall covering, go one step further to protect your walls for years to come.

Scratches and dents are common occurrences in most commercial environments. That is why we offer corner guards to protect the edges of your walls from the inevitable abuse of high-traffic areas.

  • An economical yet durable option for corner protection.
  • Provide support in medium-to-high-impact areas.
  • Easily installed.
  • A finished look to any installation.

Corner Guard Options

1. Surface Adhered Corner Guard – G800 series

These are sold in 240cm lengths* and are available in two wing sizes:

  • G875 @ 19.1mm
  • G815 @ 38.1mm

Easily installed, these guards are 1.98mm
thick vinyl with 19.1mm (G875) or 38.1mm wings (G815). The wings are tapered back, providing a finished look to
any installation.

*Note: Materialised does not cut to size. This is done by the installer. Find cutting instructions in our installation guide.

G800 series corner guard installation

2. Surface Mounted Corner Guard – G100 series

These are sold in 240cm lengths.*

  • G100 @ 50.8mm wing size.
  • G101 end caps

G100 surface mounted Corner Guards consist of a formidable 50.8mm vinyl and 6.35m radius cover mounted over a
continuous retainer.

*Note: Materialised does not cut to size. This is done by the installer. Find cutting instructions in our installation guide.

G100 series corner guard installation

Corner Guards Protect Your Walls In Style

All corner protectors are available in 12 colour options to compliment any interior. Colour chip samples are available online and through our Project Sales Managers.

colour chip selection
Corner Guard chip colours

Frequently Asked Questions

Colour chip samples can be ordered online, or you can make an appointment with your local Project Sales Manager to see the range in person – at your location or one of our Design Studios.

Corner Guards are easily installed. Please head to our G100 series or G800 series installation guides.

Corner Guards will retain their original beauty with reasonable handling and care. To ensure that they maintain their original appearance, please review the full cleaning guidelines. 

There is a limited 5 year warranty on Corner Guards.

Warranty coverage is subject to the condition that all Materialised’s instructions for installation and cleaning of the Products are followed.

Download the ‘commercial wall covering and corner guards’ warranty PDF from our warranties page.