A-Z Of Fabric Stain Removal

A-Z of fabric stain removal

The following is a general guide to cleaning everyday stains.  Materialised can take no responsibility for damage caused by use of these suggestions. Please always follow the manufacturers’ cleaning instructions.

Often stains can be removed or results improved if blotted up immediately, while still wet or fresh:

  • Use white towels or absorbent cloth.
  • Keep blotting and changing the absorbent material until no more of the spillage or coloured matter is being removed.
  • Pre-test all solutions on an inconspicuous area.
  • Hold a white towel against the tested area for a few seconds and examine to make sure no colour has transferred.
  • When using liquid cleaners, work from the outer ring of the stain, toward the centre.
  • Always rinse with clear water and blot dry to finish, as detergent residue tends to attract soiling.
  • If in any doubt, contact a cleaning specialist.

On this page we detail cleaning instructions for all stains shown in this table. Scroll below this table and click on the arrow next to the title to expand on cleaning information specific to each type of stain.

AsphaltEggLiquorsRed Wine
BeetrootFruit-Flavoured DrinksMayonnaiseShoe Polish
ButterIce CreamMilkTomato Juice
Chewing GumInk (Ballpoint)Motor OilTomato Sauce
ChocolateInk (Water Soluble)MustardToothpaste
CoffeeIodineNail PolishTopsoil
ColaJamOil PaintVomit
CrayonLipstickPrune JuiceWater Colours