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There are three types of commercial grade wall covering on the market.

The classification of type 1, 2 and 3 is based on the weight / linear yard, which will drive the suitability of a wall covering in a specific environment.

Type 3 / Type III

This commercial, high impact wall covering is for the heaviest traffic environments.
Weight: 33 to 40oz per linear yard, approx. 900g/m2

Type 2 / Type II

This commercial wall covering is for heavy traffic environments.
Weight: 20oz per linear yard, approx. 450g/m2

Type 1 / Type I

This commercial wall covering is for medium traffic environments.
Weight: 15oz per linear yard approx. 350g/m2

Avenue, Type 2 wall covering
Avenue Charcoal, materialised Wall Covering
type 2 wall covering
Top: Avenue Charcoal by Joanna Gaines for Momentum
Below: More from the Joanna Gaines wall vinyl collection, all Type 2

Why are the weights and measurements in yards and ounces?

This is the American imperial measuring system and what is used in the commercial wall covering world. They sell in yards and weight in oz (ounces.) 1 ounce is approx. 28 g.

Most wall vinyl full rolls are 27.4 metres which is the equivalent of 30 American yards.

What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2?

The difference is quite minimal however, a Type 2 wall covering is thicker and can therefore withstand more wear and tear. To qualify as a Type 2, a commercial grade wall covering needs to meet or exceed specific requirements such as:

  • Washability
  • Scrub-ability
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Breaking strength
  • Stain resistance
  • Tear resistance
  • Colourfastness

These commercial projects all showcase custom designs, printed onto SANDY BANK, our commercial grade, Type 2, wall vinyl substrate. Top row: ANZ Sylvia Park by Warren and Mahoney with photography by Sam Hartnett; Ovolo The Valley by Woods Bagot, photography by Dion Robeson; The Central Hotel by Undercurrent Studio, photography Two Bearded Men.

  • Hotels: Corridors, guest rooms, bathrooms (never use wallpaper in bathrooms)
  • Hospitality: Restaurants, feature walls, bathrooms
  • Retail: Changing rooms, feature walls
  • Aged Care: Corridors, bedrooms, dining, lounge areas, hair salons. Type I is not recommended in aged care due to the heavy-duty environment (cleaning, traffic)
  • Healthcare (Hospitals/Medical Centres)
  • Commercial
  • Workspace
  • Residential
  • Government/Education
Nufelt Wishful Thinking
Nufelt Wishful Thinking, acoustic felt wall covering


A Type 2, 20 oz. wall covering will cost more than a 15 oz. wall covering.

Consider the level of traffic in an area as you may be able to opt for the lightweight option. If cost is an issue and the budget stretched, then Type I, 15oz, can be an ideal alternative for low to medium traffic areas. However, Type 2 remains the preferred choice in terms of durability and wearability.

Dupioni Quarry wall vinyl
Dupioni Quarry, TPO (PVC-free) Type II
TPO wall covering, Type 2
Accord Vine, TPO (PVC-free) Type II

Fire rating and compliance of Type I, II and III

Type I, Type II and Type III wall covering is required to have the same flame spread and smoke development in accordance with the Australian standard AS/NZS 3837.

AS/NZS 3837 is a fire test required by the National Construction Code (NCC) for materials used as building linings. From the results of the test, a Group Number between 1 and 4 is calculated in accordance with the NCC.

The group rating is indicated on the fire certificate and on our product specs.

What group rating is required and where?

Most projects will require a Group 1 or 2 fire rating, 2 being the most common.

Aged care and healthcare projects may require a Group 1 fire rating for wall covering in sensitive areas. Lift areas and ceilings will usually require a Group 1 fire rating.

Residents’ rooms, corridors, hair salons, receptions and bathrooms would usually require a Group 2.

Home Beautiful October issue
Linum Sandstone. Styling Fiona Gould; Photography Nic Gossage; for King Living | Home Beautiful
Three Birds Renovations House 13
Three Birds Renovations House 13

Bach Gilded wall vinyl, Type II, Three Birds Renovations

Does Materialised supply all three types of wall covering and fire rating groups?

The majority of our commercial grade wall covering is Type 2. We can also supply Type 1, 15oz commercial wall covering if required. Our current range is mostly fire rated either with Group 1 or Group 2.

Cross Point Denim, Materialised
Cultivate Gravel, Materialised
Elemental Storm, Type II wall vinyl

A selection from our textured readymade wall vinyl range. Clockwise from top: Crosspoint Denim, Elemental Storm, and Cultivate Gravel.

How to view our wall covering options

With our wall covering range quadrupling in the last year, Materialised is well positioned to find a product solution for any brief.

  1. See many of our wall covering collections online, where you can also order samples as a trade customer.
  2. Make an appointment at your local Design Studio in Australia or New Zealand and a Project Manager will expertly guide you through the options.
  3. Get in touch and we will connect you with your local Project Manager to help curate the best, most suitable options for your brief.
ANZ Sylvia Park, custom Typoflora wall covering
ANZ Sylvia Park by Warren and Mahoney – custom wall vinyl on Type II Sandy Bank substrate. Photography Sam Hartnett.
Ovolo The Valley wall vinyl
Ovolo The Valley designed by Woods Bagot. Custom wall covering on Sandy Bank Type II substrate. Photography Dion Robeson.
Landscape, Denim Type II wallcovering
Landscape Denim, Magnolia Home wall vinyl by Joanna Gaines from Momentum
Webster Isthmus, Type II wallcovering
Webster Isthmus wall vinyl

Featured image credit: Ovolo The Valley designed by Woods Bagot. Custom ombre printed onto a vertical shimmer wall vinyl, Cibolo. Photography Dion Robeson.

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