Mindfulness and Why What We Do, Matters!

Whilst washing my car (an activity I enjoy because it takes little concentration, allowing time for some mind wandering and is also activity others don't want to join), this thought occurred to me, and I want to share it with you!

My neighbours are mostly engaged in professions. One an Oncologist, another an Orthopaedic surgeon, another heads-up Westfield and yet another a Physiotherapist.

My first thought was that perhaps simply supplying furnishing textiles is not a very significant vocation in the scheme of things.

I then had what I can only describe as a ‘divine correction’.

We (you and me) are in a very noble profession. Right up there with providing food and healthcare for the human race. The provision of shelter ranks very highly, and we actually go one step further in that we are providing a level of safety and comfort to the shelter.

To add to that, our final client is often stuck in a situation away from home…

Hospital design, upholstery
Hospital design, upholstery

Hospital Design

There is quite a lot of evidence that the environment in which healthcare procedures are delivered significantly affect the outcomes.

Many ‘health design forums’ in which we exhibited are designing to eliminate what is known as ‘white coat syndrome’. This has little to do with coats but describes the daunting effect of very stark, clinical spaces which hospitals tend to be. Studies show that heart rates and blood pressure rise at the very sight of unfriendly hospitals.

This stark scary space can easily be softened and made less daunting with textiles.

Interior Design is part and parcel of the well-being of our fellow man.

Aged care design, commercial fabric

Aged Care Facility Design

Another great example of this in this fantastic footage aired recently on Today, Channel Nine which showcases many of our upholstery fabrics and wall covering to revolutionise the appearance of ‘world first facility’ Bellmere Aged Care in Queensland to make it a home away from home.

Aged care design, commercial fabric, upholstery

Charity & Innovation

Then there is our innovation to our industry, the funding of charities in our community and further afield.

Our training program Fabrics for The Real World is contributing to many hundreds of Interior Design students and practitioners in Universities, design schools and design practices across Australia and New Zealand.

Our Rag Rescue program is also contributing to the very fabric (pun intended) of our society by providing excess fabric for a second life. We are especially keen on the Boomerang Bag concept where a group of generous volunteers train in the skill of assembling carry bags with the effect of reducing disposable bags.

Everyone is a winner; the environment, the trainees and even the volunteers.

You Matter

Yet further correction came, highlighting the role we play in providing work for our fellow team members and their families, our suppliers, consultants, our clients and in turn their clients.  On the commercial side, we are creating wealth for many, and helping them achieve their hopes and aspirations.

You are an important part of an important activity, and you are welcome to share in my divine correction if ever you feel like you are simply pedalling some rag. You are not!

What we do matters…

How well we do it matters…

Materialised matters, and so do you!

Gary Price, CEO, Materialised.

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