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Antimicrobial cubicle screens

Infection control has always been a big issue, especially in healthcare facilities, and never more-so than now!

These invisible-to-the-naked-eye life forms are very invasive and very easily passed from person to person. Hospital cubicle screens and other furnishing textiles are prime suspects in cross infection, due to being prone to frequent touching.

Our collection of healthcare-focussed antimicrobial fabrics plays an important part in ensuring the deposits of microorganisms are rapidly neutralised and therefore not transferred. The fabrics deliver protection by means of highly respected, mill applied antimicrobial treatments.

Stream Gull with Jordan Mesh, hospital cubicle
Antimicrobial Stream Gull with Jordan Mesh
Cream hospital stack
Cream hospital fabric stack featuring Stream Candle, Bento Natural, Canasta Pearl and Untangled Pearl

AEGIS Microbe Shield® is the finish applied to our Canasta cubicle screens. It is a full spectrum liquid antimicrobial, forming a long-lasting antimicrobial polymer that penetrates and bonds to the microscopic pores of any hard or soft surface to form an optically transparent protective shield.

Fresche is the antimicrobial finish applied to our Bento, Circulon, Interchange, Stream, Trellis, Untangled, Waffle, Zed and Zoot cubicle screens, which are all Australian Made. This antimicrobial treatment functions by penetrating and terminally destroying the delicate cell membrane of bacterial and fungal organisms.

Stream Poise hospital cubicle screen
Antimicrobial Stream Poise cubicle screen

From Hippocrates to Hypocrisy

We often hear mention of the hypocrisy of Governments regarding the proposed ban on single use plastic bags and such things. I would draw your attention to what I’m sure you’ll see as hypocrisy on steroids.

Government hospitals in particular have mostly replaced textile privacy cubicle screens (which were the last bastion of comfort in what is a sterile, daunting environment) with wholly imported Chinese Polypropylene (non-woven plastic) single-use screens. In the process, shipping the entire industry of weaving, fabricating, and laundering the re-usable screens, offshore! The suggestion that cost is a determinant is flawed.

Blue hospital stack
Cream hospital fabric stack featuring Stream Poise, Stream Pool and Canasta Undersea
Trellis Ash hospital cubicle screen
Antimicrobial Trellis Ash cubicle screen

Say No To Single-Use Cubicle Screens

Single-use cubicle screens are wasteful, both financially and sustainably.

Further, Health Design Forum (a not-for-profit UK-based healthcare think-tank) declare the environment in which health services are delivered, has a significant and measurable effect often causing what is known as ‘white coat syndrome’ where the distress manifests as elevated blood pressure and pulse rate when patients enter stark threatening spaces in hospitals. Read more on that topic here.

Decorative, acoustically absorbing, friendly textile bed screens certainly reduce the stresses associated with visiting hospitals and clinics.

Circulon Buff hospital cubicle
Antimicrobial Circulon Buff hospital screen

Let’s look after the wellbeing of our people.
Let’s look after the wellbeing of our industries.

A simple, immediate declaration for Governments to BUY AUSTRALIAN would surely be appropriate!

With thanks to Crown Furniture for chairs featuring our antimicrobial upholstery fabric and timber with their new polyurethane antimicrobial coating.

Photography by Jaye Chaffey Photography.

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