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Robbi Wymer

Robbi Wymer is a Sydney based visual artist and a registered art therapist. Her art themes range from environmental concerns to social and behavioural observations influenced by her community work.

Robbi grew up in coastal suburb of Sydney and now lives in the south of Sydney close to bushland and the beautiful Georges river.

This first release consists of 16 artworks ranging from nostalgic fibro homes to abstract painterly florals. All artworks can be printed onto our fabric for acoustic and non-acoustic art as well as wall panelling. You can view them in our Art Frame App.

We love this collection and we know you will to! We had a little chat with Robbi to find out a bit more about her process.

6 Questions For Robbi Wymer…

How do you find inspiration for your art?

At the moment my garden is the source of inspiration for the colour and form of the ‘Garden Art series’. I sit and sketch the positive and negative shapes I see between and around the plant foliage. I then transform these sketches in illustrator, dropping in colour referenced from retro palettes. Then I transfer the design onto a canvas or wooden board and paint with flat acrylic paints, tweaking the colours so they harmonise for aesthetic pleasure. 

For the ‘Fibro house’ art series I photographed local and coastal old houses that I felt a connection to… A reminder of holidays on the coast and houses I grew up with in a working class suburb of Sydney. Old plywood was used as the ‘canvas’ with watercolour for it’s transparency so the beauty of the wood grain is not lost.

Robbi Wymer, Garden Series no.2
Garden Series 02

Tell us a little bit about your career

I started working as a commercial artist in Perth in the 1990’s in graphic studios. This transitioned to homewares and fashion, working in weaving production and design until 2008. Then, returning to university for a Masters degree in Art Therapy. 

My time is divided between my arts practice and art therapy in the mental health sector.

Robbi Wymer, The Pink Fibro
The Pink Fibro
Robbi Wymer, The Pale Green Fibro
The Pale Green Fibro

How does your personality translate to your designs?

I have a passion for colour and its transformative effects on our mood. I’m also a volunteer WIRES carer and environmentalist so the beauty of the natural environment inspires me to help protect its fragility by using recycled materials as part of a sustainable arts practice. In some of my artworks the imagery and colours of the bush are integral elements of the design and motivate me to reflect its beauty.

The ‘Fibro House art’ is my childhood nostalgic response to the disappearing culture of the cheap 1950s family houses. As the population grew the housing spread further and further out of the Sydney centre and along the coast line. The ‘Fibro’ house is an icon of the past and I wanted to commemorate its place in Australian working class suburb

What is your go-to when you feel creatively blocked?

I go to the bush, the gardens, the galleries, the library and take in what’s surrounding me. New places to explore often stimulates my creativity and inspiration. Just ‘looking’ at something new works for me.

I visited Newcastle recently and found the city street-art, sea and streetscapes interesting. Regularly attending art workshops and connecting with other artists helps me to learn new techniques and applications to possibly use in a new art series.

Do you have a favourite art piece?

My favourite artwork is usually the piece I am currently working on. When it looks like it might ‘work’ – the colours, the forms and the feeling all converge to meet at a point of ‘ The Aha! moment’, a moment of joy, and I know I am on the right track.

Robbi Wymer at work
Robbi at work

Robbi Wymer, The Big Blue
The Big Blue
Robbi Wymer, The Shop
The Shop
Robbi Wymer, Disappearing into the blue
Disappearing Into The Blue

Any upcoming projects you are working on?

I’m currently working on a number of different projects as a response to; our throwaway culture in reference to abandoned objects; commemorating the textiles of my childhood; documenting the faces of the people I know and who I meet through pencil portraits of their defining facial features and I will be continuing the ‘Garden Art Series’ as my garden changes shape due to the drought and the seasons, I am always sketching its interesting organic forms to keep my creative brain stimulated.

Thanks so much Robbi, we love your style and message behind the art.

For any assistance or questions about Robbi Wymer’s collection you can contact us here.

Robbi Wymer, Garden series no.1
The Garden Series 01
Robbi Wymer, The Holiday Fibro
The Holiday Fibro
Robbi Wymer, The Coastal Fibro
The Coastal Fibro

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