Shibori's Pepa and Karen
Pepa & Karen from Shibori

The Place of Zen is the brand new collection brought to you by the fabulous duo, Pepa Martin & Karen Davis from Shibori.

What exactly is Shibori?

Shibori is a Japanese resist dyeing technique dating back to approx 8th century. Using mainly indigo dye and natural fabrics, different resist techniques were used to create patterns. This could include folding, stitching, twisting, tying, crumpling, plaiting etc. There are numerous outcomes, which make this technique so special as every piece dyed is unique.

The Collection

Shibori and Materialised transport you to The Place of Zen, a poetic collection of prints invoking creativity, nature’s architecture and sculptural form. This collection is made up of 9 designs and 1 mural, available in multiple colourways on any of our printable substrates. From every mark of the dye and every texture made from the cloth, we have captured every organic detail, bringing traditional textiles into the world of digital printing.

Love Note Indigo on Main Sail | Photography by Amanda Mclauchlan & Aimee Jones
Mountains Mural Indigo on Brooklyn White
Photography by Amanda Mclauchlan & Aimee Jones
Fold Char on Main Sail | Photography by Amanda Mclauchlan & Aimee Jones

To see all the colourways available, click on the designs below. This collection has been developed to work back with one another to help create the perfect space for your next project. All designs available to custom colour & scale.

You can find the Shibori duo in Sydney. Check out their website or shop to see the stunning products they offer, and don’t forget to look at their impressive portfolio of projects.

Shibori also run workshops for you to enjoy and have a go at learning this technique. Our Materialised team had fun getting their hands messy and created some beautiful hand dyed pieces!

We are ecstatic to be collaborating with such a creative and passionate pair.

Robyn & Gary Price

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