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NEW DESIGNER: Illustrator & Biologist Kelly Kratzing

This week we got to welcome our newest designer to the Materialised family, Kelly Kratzing illustrator and biologist. Kelly’s signature style is inspired by her love of the natural world, in particular showcasing the Australian fauna and flora.   Her latest collection with Materialised features 4 beautiful designs; King Protea, Eucalyptus Bud, Stormy Skies and Stripes. … continue reading

Carly Westbye Weave Up

WeaveUp featured Artist: Carly Westbye

We are so excited to show off our first ever WeaveUp featured artist, Carly Westbye. Carly has an incredible talent for illustrating. Luckily for us she now develops her drawings into textile prints for WeaveUp.  We had a little Q&A to find out a bit more about Carly and her process So Carly, tell us … continue reading

Global Nomad WeaveUp

WeaveUp Design Showcase: Global Nomad

This month’s WeaveUp design brief is Global Nomad. Thoughts of the land we live on and the beautiful Australian landscape sprang to mind when our team were selecting their textile designs. Barbara Brayovic, Textile Designer I chose 3 prints from our WeaveUp textile design tool which I felt fit the Global Nomad brief and incorporated … continue reading

Jacque Flash, digital textile printing

Jacque Flash

Hopefully the very name JACQUE FLASH will have given you a hint that I’m talking about Jacquard weaves and speed! The Problem Speed of delivery of acceptably-priced, Jacquard woven waterproof upholsteries plagues many of our clients.  It’s very difficult to warehouse the right design in the right colour in significant quantities, and at a commercial … continue reading