Corner Guards G100 Series Installation

Installation Guide – Surface-Mounted Corner Guards

Instructions for the installation of our G100 and G815 Corner Guards.

G100 Surface-Mounted Corner Guards consist of a formidable 50.8mm vinyl and 6.35m radius cover mounted over a continuous retainer. Corner Guards are an attractive and durable solution to unsightly, damaged corners. G100 Mounted Corner Guards provide support in medium-to high-impact areas.

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G100 series corner guard installation

For more detailed drawings please download the full instructions below.

Surface-Mounted Corner Guard

1. Apply and secure a bottom cap beginning directly above cove base with appropriate fasteners.

2. Apply continuous retainer to wall directly above bottom cap with appropriate fasteners at 457.2mm O.C.

3. Install top cap directly above aluminium retainer with appropriate fasteners.

4. Snap precut Corner Guard cover in position. Cover should be lipped over one edge and pressure applied towards opposite leg from centre with a “snap action” movement. Procedure should begin at bottom and be repeated as necessary for full height of cover.

If there are any questions, please get in touch with Materialised.

Date: March 2023