Our Eco Statement & Practices

Sustainability. Alongside the ever-important functions of aesthetic and performance, we earnestly and constantly endeavour to tread lightly on our one and only planet. But there is more to the topic of ecological sustainability and wellness than meets the eye!

Everything we do impacts upon our planet. Materialised takes this responsibility very seriously and strives to see that our materials, processes and recycling activities leave the smallest possible ecological footprint. Our approach is to look at − and objectively measure − the overall ecological toll. That evaluation goes all the way downstream from the source of raw materials, to initial production, to life extension and all the way to disposal at the end of the product’s life.

In our long-running program Fabrics For The Real World the most interest from students and specifiers is always related to sustainability. We make the point that the source of the fibre is but one small part of a whole chain of processes in furnishing a space. Each link has an impact both ecologically and financially and one should consider the production costs, the transport logistics, maintenance, longevity and most of all, fitness for purpose.

There is no simple equation. As Thomas Sowell said, “there are no solutions, only trade-offs.”

Here is why we do what we do…

Sustainability Materialised