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Making A Difference Since 1980


Materialised is owned and run by the founding Price family.

Since 1980, we have brought innovative, high-performance furnishing textiles, wall covering and acoustic solutions to the Australasian contract interior design industry, with printing and warehousing taking place in the Southern Sydney suburb of Blakehurst.

The Price family, Materialised
Matt Price, Gary Price and Belinda Price

What some would call showrooms, we describe as Design Studios. These are located in the major centres across Australia and New Zealand, in  Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Our entire team is steeped in a culture of ‘making a difference by doing things differently.

We strive to make a positive difference to our community, our industry, our clients and those occupying the spaces we furnish.

A printing capacity of 1,000,000m+ per year!


We specialise in textiles and wall covering products specifically focused on furnishings for Hospitality, Health, Education, Theatres, Defence and any project requiring high performance.

Flame retardancy, high abrasion resistance and acoustic absorption are key.

Our product range enables the complete furnishing requirement… Block-out drapery, sheers, waterproof upholstery, faux leather, framed art, luxury bedspreads, acoustic panelling and wall covering of all kinds.

Beyond innovative product, we act as a conduit to our clients for information on trends and changes in regulations affecting our industry, garnered from our decades of strong relationship with industry leaders worldwide.

We proudly work with companies like Momentum Textiles (said to be the largest Contract Fabric supplier in the world) Crypton Fabrics and an array of designers including the Australasian licence for Florence Broadhurst.

Materialised boasts many ‘firsts’:

  • Introducing Crypton into Australia and New Zealand.
  • Hush acoustic sheer drapery revolutionised the acoustic industry by harnessing highly sound reflective problem windows, to becoming a solution whilst preserving light and view.
  • Investing heavily in state-of-the-art high-speed digital printing, arguably the biggest and most modern facility in AU/NZ, capable of printing capacity in excess of 1,000,000m per year. FAST!

Our preferred supplier status with many Hoteliers, Aged Care and Health providers, humbles us. They entrust us with delivering on time, on trend and on budget every time.


Gary, our founder, saw Materialised more as a ‘calling’ than a business, and that has been passed to the next generation.

From the outset the company has had a purpose to ‘make a difference by doing things differently’… Questioning the status quo, in the belief that most things can be improved.

These differences go beyond the innovations and practices in trading, into making a difference in the lives of our team, our customers, our customers customers and the community at large.

We have a strong belief in depositing more than we withdraw.

This is expressed in our training program Fabrics For The Real World where we share our experience with many Design Colleges, freely equipping the next generation of our industry in matters textile.                           

Philanthropy, a major part of our raison d’etre is giving to charitable causes. We favour ‘sustainable’ charities, meaning their purpose is to grow their constituents to a point of self sufficiency.                  

Ecologically, we believe in treading lightly on our planet, and we demonstrate this by our practices. Whatever we do has an impact and the prism through which we make choices is ‘what is the best possible practice, what will give the best outcome for all concerned?’                                                   

“Stay curious.”