Julie Pham

Julie Pham

Julie Pham – Acoustic Project Coordinator

Skills / Background: Being creative has always been my go-to thing. I love being surrounded by colours and prints! I studied Design at UNSW and became involved in the world of textile design after graduating. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to create original prints for fashion and swimwear in on one of Australia’s leading textile studios. That’s where I developed my love of illustration – whether a simple line sketch or a detailed drawing, I’m always happy creating with pencils, pens and paper.

In my spare time I enjoy working on hand-crafted projects. Nothing beats the satisfaction of making something from scratch! Travel and exploring different cultures and histories are major sources of inspiration for me, as are strolls along the beach or walks in the bush. Being immersed in nature and all her textures and colours does wonders for the mind and body, and always gets me thinking of what I can draw next!

Favourite Print: I am in awe of Typoflora’s Jungle design and I have always loved the fun vibes I get from Florence Broadhurst’s Cockatoos.

IFA acoustics feature May 2023

Julie Pham, Acoustic Project Coordinator at Materialised, sees acoustic products pushing the boundaries…

“It is no longer the simple product that is mounted to the wall or ceiling. It has become the aesthetic of an interior space, be it stylishly blending in with the furniture and space or becoming an architectural feature.”

– Interior Fitout Association Magazine, May 2023

Julie Pham, design flat lay
Julie’s selection for a ‘Modern Minimalist’ design showcase
WeaveUp flat lay digital printing fabric
Julie’s selection for a ‘Dive Into Summer’ design showcase