Acoustic Art

WhisperArt® is fabric-covered acoustic art perfect for areas where noise negatively affects the soundscape, while adding a visual dimension to the space.

Materialised supplies commercial trade and professional interior design markets with distinctive, thought-provoking acoustic wall art. We have put together an image library consisting of a carefully curated collection along with framing options, giving you the flexibility to find exactly what you need for your project.

How It Works

Each acoustic art panel contains an acoustic absorber. The soundwaves pass through the outer skin of fabric, through to the infill where the sound energy is absorbed. The WhisperArt® absorber (25mm) NRC Rating is 0.85.

The panels are constructed with a patented polymer tracking system that eliminates the use of adhesives, nails, tacks, or tape while maintaining constant rigidity. This system enables tightly stretching our commercial grade fabric over the acoustic absorbers to create the acoustic art. The framework can therefore be re-used by changing the fabric ‘skin’ if a change of decoration is required.

NRC Explained

To quantify our product as a commercial acoustic solution, each is tested and awarded an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating. The NRC relates to the absorption effectiveness of the material, and is calculated by averaging how absorptive a material is at four different frequencies.

Our Whisper acoustic products are tested at 125hz, 250hz, 500hz, 1,000hz, 2,000hz and 4,000hz. Taking the average number, it is then applied to the NRC scale of 0 to 1. A perfectly sound absorptive material achieves a 1, whereas a 0 indicates no absorption.

Sustainable Acoustic Absorber

The CSR Martini dECO Quiet Board acoustic absorber is manufactured from thermally bonded polyester fibre with up to 80% recycled fibre content from post-consumer PET packaging. It has a Global GreenTag GreenRate™ Level A certification with a Global GreenTag Platinum HealthRATE™ certification and is therefore suitable for Green Star projects.

CSR Martini Global GreenTag Certifications

Made In Sydney

Materialised manufactures the acoustic art in-house. This commitment to quality is defining the new standard for design flexibility, acoustical performance and value. We print designs onto a flame retardant textile base cloth with a modified weave, allowing air to freely pass through, whilst maintaining printed integrity. Choose designs from our vast print library or work with our team of in-house designers to supply your own.

Acoustic Art Specs & Detail

The acoustic absorbers are manufactured from thermally bonded polyester fibre with up to 80% recycled fibre content from post-consumer PET packaging such as empty drink bottles.

  • GreenTag certified, GreenRate Level A
  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Certified in accordance with ISO 14025
  • Product Health Declaration (PHD) certified
  • Declare certified
  • Suitable for Green Star™ projects
  • No red list chemicals are present
  • No ozone-depleting gases are used during the manufacturing process
  • Safe, non-irritant, non-toxic, and non-allergenic
  • Products are 100% recyclable
  • High reuse potential
  • Tested to AS ISO 9705 Corner Burn in accordance with AS 5637.1
  • Group 1 SMOGRA not more than 100m2 /s2 x 1000
  • AS 1530.3
  • Ignitability: 0
  • Spread of Flame: 0
  • Heat Evolved: 0
  • Smoke Developed: 0-1
  • Class A fire rated – Tested as a stretched fabric panel assembly according to ASTM-E84 and ASTM-E2573 fire test standards.
  • 100% Post-Industrial recycled content in most track profiles.
  • 100% Recyclable
  • PVC Free is available in select tracks

Corfu flame retardant fabric with a modified weave is used for our art, allowing air to freely pass through, whilst maintaining printed integrity.

All art can be box framed with a selection of timber finishes.

Ask our team for more information, specific to your project requirements.

We understand that every space is unique, therefore our custom design options allow for an almost unlimited choice of design and colour, or you may choose to use your own images.

Can’t decide what images to use? Head to our extensive Image Library. The library provides a curated collection of designs ranging from abstract, landscapes, photographic and botanicals that suit any project.

There is a range of standard sizes or we can customise. However, transportation of the panels must be considered. The maximum size is 1200 x 2400mm.

Each panel is reinforced with four corner inserts that are riveted into the track profile.

100mm of bleed is used for tucking the fabric and for proper alignment of patterns.

WhisperArt® is supplied fully assembled and ready to hang, just like normal artwork. Installation is simple and is done using a plastic or aluminium split batten z-clip (included) connecting to the panel’s track profile. The other half is screwed into the wall. Screws are not included.

Gently vacuum regularly with appropriate attachment. If subject to spillage, blot  immediately. Keep blotting until spillage is removed. Warm soapy water or upholstery shampoo can be used for any marks or stains. Pre-test all solutions on a hidden area. Always rinse with clean water and blot dry to finish. If in any doubt, contact Materialised.

Technical Overview & Drawings

WhisperArt technical overview
WhisperArt framed technical specs (1)
WhisperArt – With Frame
Polymer track stretching system (bold lines)
Absorber (curved lines)
Fabric (dashed lines)
WhisperArt unframed technical specs
WhisperArt – Without Frame
Polymer track stretching system (bold lines)
Absorber (curved lines)
Fabric (dashed lines)


Framed acoustic art can also be referred to as a box frame, a shadow frame, or a floating frame. A little different from a traditional framed print, the artwork sits within the box frame with a 5mm gap, creating a sophisticated shadow effect between the frame and the acoustic art panel.

Dimensions: Shadow frames are 10mm thick, and 55mm deep.

Our timber frames are all supplied by local Australian-owned companies using the best of materials. The black and the white timber frames have a smooth finish. The oak frames are textural and the colour/grain will vary slightly, naturally. All products comply with Australian standards as set by Australian agriculture and water resources, all logging due diligence is met to Australian standards and all country of origin timber declaration is met to confirm chain of custody.

Hanging Mechanisms

Our acoustic art includes an aluminium split batten that connects to the panels track profile which is compatible with Gyprock and masonry fixings.

Production Lead Times

Acoustic art is printed on demand onto our acoustic fabric in Sydney, Australia and then stretched (and framed if specified). It has a production timeframe of approx. 3-4 weeks.

How To Order

The real beauty is, our team can work with you on co-ordinating high-performance fabrics and wall covering so that you reduce the number of suppliers you need to deal with. Resulting in a beautifully well-executed and co-ordinated fit-out.

Head to our Image Library App to browse our curated collection of art and frame options there, or contact your Project Sales Manager for an appointment or our Customer Service team on +61 2 8558 3500 / sales@materialised.com

Acoustic Art Case Studies