Furnishing Textiles

For eons, humans have endeavoured to leave their mark on their residences. Cave man at the very basic level literally left their handprint on the walls of their rudimentary dwellings places. Throughout the ages we have become much more sophisticated, using printed and textured furnishings in the form of textiles and wallpapers to individualise places we dwell.

Furnishings have the ability to transform the most austere space into a place of beauty, reflecting the very personality of the Designer.

Form & Function

Materialised has over four decades experience of providing furnishing fabrics to facilities like hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, theatres and auditoria. Here, aesthetics and functionality need to be carefully combined. Flame Retardancy, spill resistance (incontinence), high abrasion resistance, stability, crease resistance, cleanability, acoustic absorption etc., are essential. Yet so are beautiful and comfortable surroundings.

We address the two seemingly conflicting demands to bring beautiful, infinitely broad choices of colour and design, whilst never compromising the ever-important function.

Furnishing Textile Applications



Your seat upholstery brief may be for bench seats, office chairs, auditorium seating, residential furniture… Whatever your purpose we can find a fabric that is suitable. Be it woven textile, patterned, waterproof, coated faux leathers, there is a solution for each circumstance.



When it comes to decorating windows, which are often a dominant feature in a room, our collection ranges from subtle textures to bold statements. Whether you choose from our vast core range for curtains and blinds or create your own special effect, we cater for all types and all imaginations.



Many of our beautiful furnishing textiles can be used for bedheads, bed runners, cushions and top of bed.
We have curated a collection here that we think you will love! We also have a waffle textile which is perfect for duvet covers, comforters or triple sheeting for hotels.



Here we have shower curtain fabrics sold by the metre. Choose from either plain white fabric or a soft pattern that will fit into any bathroom.
For readymade shower curtains and rod systems head to our Hookless page.


Cubicle Curtains / Hospital Screens

Cubicle curtains and hospital screens have a huge role to fill – Protecting the privacy of a hospital patient; Withstanding the rigours of hospital laundry; Resisting snags and tears from daily life whilst still bringing a calming aesthetic to the patient.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning and Maintenance

Whilst our fabrics are high quality and selected to withstand the rigours of high traffic commercial projects, it’s important that they are looked after properly. We have pages in our Resource section dedicated to help you, from cleaning and care brochures to videos in 5 different languages, to extend the life of your textiles.

Some say Materialised has been responsible for marrying form with function in the Australasian furnishing industry. All of our textile products possess the necessary performance and certification to satisfy the most exacting building code.

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