How To Launder Polyester Fabrics

FR polyester laundry

Handling Polyester Fabrics In The Laundry

Polyester fabrics require slightly different handling in the laundry than the traditional cottons we are so accustomed to using. Here you’ll find information as an aid in better understanding man-made fibres and the way they perform like they do.

Polyester fibre is in many ways far more durable than other fibres, but in other ways is more sensitive to how they are handled, especially in laundry situations.

You’ll find detailed information on care instructions, sorting, washing, drying and dry cleaning below. Or if you’re looking for MAT 4, MAT 5, MAT 7, MAT 9, MAT 11, MAT 15, MAT 90 and MAT 110 instructions please go to our Fabric Care Code page.

Most of all this is written so all of us in the industry can reach our ultimate goal – a safe and attractive interior environment.


Hospital curtains and bed screens have to be laundered and reprocessed on a regular basis, so as to be thermally disinfected and cleaned for aesthetic purposes. It is of paramount importance that all textiles of a “special” nature can be processed successfully through industrial laundry facilities in a manner that is convenient to the laundry and cost effective in both the short and long term.

Polyester fabrics can be laundered in a similar manner to hospital uniforms, which are usually manufactured from 65% Polyester/35% Cotton fabrics, and in many instances industrial laundries have already adopted a “uniform wash system” for processing hospital curtains and bed screens. However, local consideration needs to be given to “drying” Polyester fabrics so as to minimise laundry processing while still providing the best possible finish for the products being processed.

To provide the best means of laundering Polyester fabrics the following 1-4 care instructions are provided as suggested guidelines on which to develop the most successful processing methods so that the fabric’s characteristics are consistently retained.