Brigitte Marlot

Brigitte Marlot

Brigitte Marlot – Leading Textile Designer

Skills / Background: I’ve always been interest in Art and Design so I  went to Art School where I studied Surface Pattern Design, Photography and Interior Design. I went on to become  a Textile Designer, working for Designs Studios in France, UK, and Australia. I created original artworks for the fashion, kids wear and home furnishing markets. In my spare time I love taking photographs.

I love a great variety of styles and techniques, from the delicate hand-painted wallpapers of the 18th Century to the bold and joyful florals of the 70’s , lush bark cloths… Too many to detail all! In my own home I favour quieter and simpler prints, inspired by Modern Scandinavian Design.

Favourite Print: Jungle Lush by Typoflora, a fantastic print by a fantastic designer! For textile base cloths I love the soft and natural texture of Arizona. And Palermo Sugarcane is so luxurious (in the studio “everything looks good printed on Palermo” has become our catchphrase!)

metallic wall inspo

Brigitte’s latest burst of creativity has delivered a sparkling result for our wall covering offering with the development of Hello Metals.
Custom metallics are now available! Learn more over on the blog.

Brigitte’s Latest Collection

New HOTP Collection: A Picnic In Provence
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New HOTP Collection: A Picnic In Provence

Introducing ‘A Picnic In Provence,’ our latest in-house print collection meticulously crafted by Chloe Evans and Brigitte Marlot. This collection is a heartfelt tribute to ‘Les Indiennes,’ the vibrant cotton fabrics that grace Provençal markets, capturing the irresistible charm of southern France with a contemporary twist. The History “Les Indiennes” are undeniably Provençal, yet their … continue reading

plaids and checks
Read Chloe’s interview with Brigitte about the development of her ‘Suit Yourself’ print collection.