Commercial design inspiration abounds with Patricia Braune’s new collection, Sanctuary Lines. These incredible designs are printable on any of our commercial wall covering, fabric and roller blind base substrates, right here in Sydney, Australia.

This time, Patricia takes us on a journey through the curves and shadows of sand, the dimensionality of woven grasses and the pliability of clay.  

Her signature line work continues to shine through the new collection, only this time we are introduced to a soft mix of architectural shapes and stylised interpretations of our everyday oasis.

Spoilt with 11 designs and numerous colourways, Sanctuary Lines is perfectly suited for a wide variety of interior design styles.

We’ve created four different commercial design stories to inspire your next project.


Commercial Design #1 – The Luxe Look

Patricia Braune - Luxe Look
Curves Moss Gold | Haven Moss Dark | Luxor Patina
Images sourced from Heathfield & Co, Home & Garden UK and Joseph Dirand

Rich, luxurious and a little bit wow, this scheme is singing out to be used in a boutique hotel. Bring in your statement lighting, moody tones and velvet furnishings and let the bookings fill up!

Commercial Design #2 – Modern Minimalist

Solar Rays Cotton | Woven Cotton Grey | Aspect Cotton | Atlas Gotham
Images sourced from In Villa & Ruum

No one will want to work from home anymore with office fitouts looking this smart and sophisticated. Keep it clean and crisp and let the focus fall on the intricate line work.

Commercial Design #3 – Industrial Revolution

Patricia Braune - Industrial
Art: Water & Earth | Curves Rust Teal | Strand Rust Bronze | Kiesel Park Gold Record
Images sourced from Anour & Dezeen

The perfect play of contrasts. From colours, metals, and surfaces this look effortlessly marries the style of contemporary and charm.

Commercial Design #4 – Back To Earth

Patricia-Braune - Earthy
Lunar Terracotta Clay | Interwoven Terracotta Ochre | Travertine Chert | Solar Rays Terracotta Clay
Images sourced from Three Birds Renovations & New Terracotta

Need a neutral that’s not boring? Then this is the ideal palette for you. Bringing in both warmth and brightness the terracotta tones work perfectly with natural finishes such as stone, grass cloth and woods.

See the full collection here. We can’t wait to see how you use Sanctuary Lines in your next commercial project! 

Styling by The Life Style Edit | Photography by Janyon Boshoff

2 thoughts on 4 Commercial Design Stories for New Architectural Collection

  • Lorraine WigginsMarch 29, 2022 at 10:33 am

    Wonderful! I feel these designs would lend to metallics, gold, bronze, platinum.

    • Catherine McGowanMarch 29, 2022 at 2:46 pm

      Thank you Lorraine – we think you’re right!


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