Introducing ‘A Picnic In Provence,’ our latest in-house print collection meticulously crafted by Chloe Evans and Brigitte Marlot. This collection is a heartfelt tribute to ‘Les Indiennes,’ the vibrant cotton fabrics that grace Provençal markets, capturing the irresistible charm of southern France with a contemporary twist.

The History

“Les Indiennes” are undeniably Provençal, yet their origins trace back to India. These fabrics came to life through a process where artisans carved wooden blocks and used ink to stamp onto the textiles. In the 17th century, Armenian merchants in tax-free Marseille began importing these textiles from India.

Envisioning the British nobility’s admiration for their vibrant, lightweight cotton. King Louis XIV, known for his fashion-forward sensibilities, recognised their potential and had his finance minister, Jean Baptiste Colbert, import them through the French East India Company. These textiles graced the attire of nobles, while ingenious merchants in Marseille crafted affordable versions, allowing common people to embrace these colourful fabrics.

After a temporary ban, they returned to France in 1759, thriving in Provence with locally inspired designs, making their mark in Provençal markets and becoming a symbol of the region’s unique cultural identity.

The Development

Our journey to create this collection began with extensive research into vintage ‘Les Indiennes’ prints. Seeking to understand the historical context and reinterpret traditional floral motifs while infusing Australian inspirations. In this creative process, we introduced geometric elements, departing from conventional woodblock techniques and embracing digital printing technology.

To preserve the authenticity of the designs, we initiated hand-drawn sketches, preserving the human touch and unique handwriting in each motif. These sketches were then scanned and transformed into seamless patterns, allowing us to tailor the colours to our liking. Our colour palette was a conscious reflection of the Provençal countryside and a nod to the Australian landscape, resulting in a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation.

The Collection

‘A Picnic In Provence’ comprises 16 meticulously crafted in-house designs. We’ve thoughtfully curated six distinct colour palettes that embrace the rich hues of the French Provencal landscape, the diverse colours found in the Australian scenery, and the modern tones of contemporary design.

Aimée: ay-MAY
Amandine: ah-mahn-DEEN
Anaïs: ah-na-EES
Bouclé: boo-CLAY
Cléo: CLAY-o
Coralie: koh-RAH-lee
Éloïse: ay-loh-EEZ
Émilie: ay-MEE-lee
Fleur: FLUHR
Juliette: JUH-lee-ET
Lavandou: lah-vahn-DOO
Louison: loo-ee-ZOHN
Manon: mah-NOHN
Mélanie: MAY-lah-nee
Odette: oh-DET
Raphaëlle: rah-fah-EL

The Colour Stories

We’ve carefully curated six distinct colour palettes that embrace the rich hues of the French Provençal landscape, the diverse colours found in the Australian scenery, and the modern tones of contemporary design.


Immerse yourself in the rustic allure of the French Provencal countryside with our olive and chartreuse-inspired colour palette. From the rich earthy tones of olive groves to the vibrant hues of chartreuse


Elevate the classic black and white with our warm monochrome palette. Sophistication with a smart contemporary twist.


From the terracotta roof tiles to the blooming fields, this story exudes a romantic and feminine charm, heightened by the contrasting russet and rich mahogany browns.


Discover the coastal charm of our Seafoam colour palette, guided by the pristine waters of Australia and the provincial French coast.


Get lost in the luminous beauty of our amber colourway, inspired by the enchanting light of Provence that has ignited the creativity of countless artists. It brings the warmth and radiance of this region’s light into your surroundings.


A classic navy and white pairing, reminiscent of timeless market fabrics, carries a legacy of enduring elegance in shades of blue

How To Order

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We supply whole room solutions so best of all, book an appointment at your local Materialised Design Studio to see the whole collection with coordinating fabrics and wall covering.

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