Crowne Plaza Adelaide Australian Made

‘Australian Made’, or ‘Made Down Under’, is at the very core of Materialised’s beginnings, processes and practices. Textile production and providing comfort and safety to humans predates history. It has been incredibly important to the development of the society in which we live. The Industrial Revolution is one example where textiles changed the course of history, beginning with the mechanisation of weaving looms.

Over the past three decades we have seen the Australian textile industry all but disappear. The current one is a shadow of its former self. Yarn spinners, weavers, knitters, dyers, finishers and printers gone!

Materialised is proud to be breathing life back into this important industry by nurturing Australian Made – by printing textiles locally, adding performance finishes locally and endeavouring to weave as many fabrics as possible right here in Australia.

Matt, Gary and Belinda Price Materialised
Matt, Gary and Belinda Price – Materialised

Australian Made

Zem and Zircon Zem are print base cloths used on furniture in facilities demanding soil release, waterproofness, high abrasion resistance, flame retardancy and preparation for printing. All done here seamlessly.

Crowne Plaza Adelaide
Custom print on Zem for Crown Plaza Adelaide designed by Brown Falconer | Photography Adam Bruzzone

Another is our hospital cubicle screen product. The ability to turn on the supply of often thousands of metres of flame retardant, antimicrobial fabric on ridiculously short notice, would be nigh on impossible without local, cooperative supply!

Antimicrobial cubicle screens
Antimicrobial hospital cubicle screens – Australian Made – Photography Jaye Chaffey
WhisperWall Boutique Cinema
Manufactured and installed in Australia – WhisperWall

The process of printing on demand right here in Australia is also a sustainability win. We don’t need to speculate on how much product to ship in and store, we simply print to order. No wastage!

Made Down Under

And we must not forget New Zealand! In fact, we have developed ‘Made Down Under’ to encompass products that are made in New Zealand such as Spindle and Cinderella.

The Very Latest Textile Printing Technology

We house what is said to be the most cutting edge textile printing technology in the Southern Hemisphere! Materialised invests heavily in the very latest textile printing technology, with digital transfer paper printers and dye-sublimation calendars that can print up to 5,000 metres a day. 

Our most recent addition from Italy, the Monti Antonio, is the Rolls Royce (or should we say Ferrari) of dye sublimation calenders for digitally printed textiles. It has a printed width capability of 3.2 metres, offers quick turnaround, and is all done in-house, enabling us to keep our delivery promises.

The Future

Recent events have highlighted how vulnerable we have become as a nation, with our unbalanced dependence on foreign imported products.

The restoration of viable world-class textile production and fabrication of products in Australia will take a concerted effort and cooperation between consumers, producers, educators and Government.

Our future depends on Australian Made. It is a cry from our children and our children’s children for their independence and prosperity.

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