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Three Birds Renovations, House 12

Three Birds Renovations are back, making Mondays great again! We had the absolute pleasure of working with them on House 11, helping to ‘Hamptonise’ a family home with a variety of Florence Broadhurst furnishing textiles for upholstery, bedhead and cushions.

This time it’s a ‘Contemporary Cottage’ look for House 12 and we teamed up with The Foam Booth again for their fabulous custom foam bench seats and covers. Much like Materialised, The Foam Booth have been established for over 36 years, with all product made in Australia. They specialise in residential and commercial jobs and can customise absolutely any shape and size, indoor and outdoor.

Three Birds Renovations, House 12
© Three Birds Renovations, House 12


Our commercial-grade upholstery fabric is ideal for a busy family home as it needs to withstand the wear and tear of everyday living and lively children!

“Working together with Materialised has been a wonderful experience from day one. They have such an extensive, amazing range of fabrics and prints for all applications, and are an incredibly professional company to deal with.” Joel Scheftz, Managing Director, The Foam Booth.

For House 12, a faux leather was required for the dining banquette and CABO TOAST was selected by the Three Birds team. This is a high-performing faux leather for a number of reasons…

Three Birds Renovations, House 12
© Three Birds Renovations, House 12


There are two standard tests for rub rate: Martindale and Wyzenbeek.

We tested Cabo Toast in the Wyzenbeek machine and it withstood 200,000 double rubs. A standard minimum requirement for residential use would be 15,000 rubs; or 30,000 for commercial… Meaning the Cabo faux leather will probably last longer than the building!


If sustainability and antimicrobial is a must, then we have plenty of options for you.

Cabo Toast is a great sustainable choice, formulated without PVC or plasticisers, and has the extra bonus of being antimicrobial. All of The Foam Booth’s foam is also treated with COMPRISHIELD which helps protect against bacteria, dust mites and asthma.

Three Birds Renovations, House 12
© Three Birds Renovations, House 12


Whilst our furnishing textiles are designed to be easily cleaned, they are not self-cleaning and require a maintenance regime to extend the life of the fit-out. 

This faux leather can easily be kept clean by blotting off any liquid or removing bulky matter with a flat blade. Then brush off/vacuum loose particles and prepare a neutral pH detergent solution (10:450ml) or use pre-prepared Crypton Care Blue. Gently rub the solution onto the soiled area with a soft white cloth and rinse detergent off with clean water and a soft white cloth, allowing to air dry. It’s even bleach-cleanable to a ratio of 1:10 bleach to water.


There are few limitations to the design of banquette seating. The size of the bench and width of the fabric will determine whether you need more than one piece of foam (to avoid joins in the fabric) and if you’re using a print you may need the fabric railroaded – which is no problem, as we print on demand right here in Australia!

Then with the design you can get creative with shape and might like to add fluting as Three Birds did.

As Bonnie and Erin mention, the height of the bench seat can be a contentious issue! Erin says 450mm; Bonnie says 500mm. Whichever you prefer, factor in a good 100mm for the thickness of the foam for a lovely comfy seat.

Image credits: Three Birds Renovations

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