Lizzy Stageman

“Express who you are. Find beauty wherever you can and celebrate that.” The message from the inaugural contract furnishings collection by Lizzy Stageman promotes culture and connection in an elegant and meaningful way.

A proud descendant of the Wiradjuri Ngiyampaa and Barkindji nations, Lizzy’s contemporary Aboriginal designs beautifully blend life experiences and stories, demonstrating remarkable artistic skill. Now, ‘Finding My Place’ showcases her original art translated into commercial textiles, wall covering and acoustic art.

Lizzy Stageman

So How Did Lizzy’s Artistic Talent Manifest Itself?

Following a stroke in 2017, and breast cancer in 2018, Lizzy Stageman found healing through art. This strength through adversity, and power of culture and connection is eloquently expressed through the intricate tapestry of her designs.

Indigenous design serves as a vibrant and profound medium through which ancient wisdom, spiritual beliefs, and a deep reverence for the land are conveyed. Each stroke, colour choice, and symbol hold a narrative that transcends time, speaking to the profound interplay between humans and the environment, spirituality, and community, and the sacred and the mundane.

“Creating art soothes my soul. Art is my story on a canvas, it’s my way of healing wounds and has led me to finding my place.” – Lizzy Stageman

The Powerful Meaning of Rain

In much of Lizzy’s work you will see the ancient traditional Aboriginal symbol for rain, portrayed through her contemporary artistic lens. Marrunga Yubaa (Sweet Rain), Galimbang (Rain) and Against The Elements series by Lizzy Stageman all celebrate the powerful significance of rain.

They represent not just rain, but what rain brings you… Flowers, growth, water, feeling… Enjoy every moment it brings. We don’t know how the storm will play out or if we will even survive it. We see the clouds forming and are being prepared for what is about to happen. Be strong through the unknown and we can get through anything.”

Marrunga Yubaa wall covering and upholstery fabric, Lizzy Stageman
Marrunga Yubaa (Sweet Rain) Original by Lizzy Stageman – wall vinyl and upholstery fabric

“The Sweet Rain series is designed to ignite imagination and celebrate life. It signifies a raindrop’s journey from the clouds to the earth and its importance to the land and our lives,” says Lizzy. “I have designed the symbol to have a cup of delicate dots that surround just the bottom of each coloured stroke, in a cascading effect. The colour of each drop signifies a part of my life story and is applied in layers of fine art strokes.”

“The colours hold a visual memory of the beautiful Australian landscapes through my eyes. With my fascination with rain comes my ever-evolving exploration with colour.”

Wall Mural Meanings by Lizzy Stageman

Baayi The Journey

This wall mural tells the story of Lizzy’s drover Father and Grandfather. The design on the wall murals represents the marks that they left behind on the landscape. It shows that they are not forgotten.

The Journey Atlas
Baayi (Footprints) The Journey Atlas Mural

Coming Home

This special piece represents Lizzy’s home. “It’s where I was born and raised and will always have a strong connection to. The painting depicts the Macquarie River running through the town and the people gathering and spending time on the river.”

As a child I would spend many hours, catching crayfish, swimming, and jumping off ropes into the river with my mates, and many cousins.”

Coming Home wall mural
Coming Home Mural

“Coming home to me is still sharing fun times with family and friends and never forgetting where my roots lay. If you look to the stars you will always be guided home, wherever that may be.”

Marrunga Yubaa (Sweet Rain) When the Dust Settles

“I designed this artwork to capture a moment in time when my community and others throughout Australia were experiencing the worst drought in 100 years. As I watched the red dust roll in from the west to engulf our town, I wished for the rains to come, to settle the dust.”

When the dust settles, Aboriginal wall mural design
Marrunga Yubaa When The Dust Settles Mural

“In that moment I visioned the rain falling from the clouds in a blend of crystal blue shades with delicate cups of liquid gold rain drops as they make their journey to the earth, changing as they fall, into an amazing blend of reds and brown as they pass through the dust and finally settle on Country, laying a blanket of gold.”

Galiyn Water Raining Banganha

This has a similar meaning to Marrunga Yubaa but features the country and Lizzy’s children. Here is a snippet from the story…

“The rain that falls on Country filling our rivers and dams, as it flows over the mountain tops into the valleys. In this painting, three mountains represent each of my three children, with the sun always shining over them and in my heart.”

Lizzy Stageman wall mural
Galiyn Water Raining Banganha Teal Wall Mural

From Canvas to Fabric & Wall Covering – Design Development

To explain the process of how these designs translated from art on canvas to digital, we chatted with two of our Design Team who worked on the collection: Chloe Evans and Brigitte Marlot. Read their story here.

Indigenous Identity, History & Resilience

Indigenous art is not merely an aesthetic expression, but a dynamic vessel that encapsulates the essence of identity, history, and resilience. Through art, Indigenous peoples communicate their intimate relationship with the natural world, reflecting their sustainable practices, profound respect for biodiversity, and the importance of preserving ecological harmony.

Dancing In The Rain wall mural, Lizzy Stageman
Marrunga Yubaa Dancing In The Rain wall mural

The vibrant hues and patterns in the Lizzy Stageman ‘Finding My Place’ collection reflect the vivid landscapes from which they draw inspiration, as well as the spiritual significance of the elements. By encapsulating a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all life forms, Lizzy conveys messages of stewardship, urging us to reconsider our own roles as custodians of the Earth.

Infusing her work with experiences, struggles, and triumphs, Lizzy rekindles a sense of pride and belonging within Indigenous communities while also inviting broader audiences to engage with and honour these rich traditions.

Marrunga Yubaa upholstery fabric
Marrunga Yubaa Sweet Rain Olive, upholstery fabric

How To Order Lizzy Stageman Designs

Lizzy’s work has garnered significant attention, making her a sought-after creator in the art world. Her designs hold a captivating allure that appeal to a diverse audience for an array of projects.

From commercial offices to healthcare facilities, restaurants, hotels and education spaces Lizzy’s designs sing! Printed on demand, they can be seamlessly applied to a wide range of fit-for-purpose furnishing textiles, wall vinyl, roller blind fabric and acoustic art.

Snowfall, Lizzy Stageman wall mural
Marrunga Yubaa Snowfall wall mural

You can sign up / login to your web trade account to order sampling online; make an appointment at one of our Design Studios with your local Project Sales Manager to see the whole collection; or email our Customer Success team for more details.

Lizzy’s original art pieces can be found on her website.

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