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40 Years Of Furnishing Textiles

Reflecting on 40 years of Materialised evokes wonderful memories of the amazing people who have been part of our furnishing textiles journey. And there have been many. Probably even more interesting to my readers are the massive changes the furnishing textile supply industry has undergone, and the part we have had the privilege to have … continue reading

Hookless shower curtain. Materialised

2010 – Hookless, Momentum, Hush & WeaveUp

What a decade! Hookless shower curtains; Momentum textiles; Hush acoustics and the innovative WeaveUp design platform was launched. A digital revolution!

Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, Whisper Walls

2000 & The Noughties

In 2009, WhisperWalls was introduced, not so much for its acoustic solution but as a means of meeting the re-emerging trend of upholstering walls, especially in 5 Star Hotels. We also became the home of Florence Broadhurst textiles!

Crypton waterproof fabric

1990’s – Crypton Fabrics & Our First Digital Printer

This was the decade when, in the midst of the “recession we had to have” along with 20% interest rates, our illustrious leaders decided we should eliminate import tariffs and “have a level playing field.” The Australian textile production industry, along with the associated industries, started on a terminal downward spiral. Weaving mills, dyers and printers were closing by the month.

Materialised 1980 Kent Street

1980 – Materialised Was Born. Our First Decade

The launch was a gala event at the new showroom/office in Kent Street Sydney featuring a magician skilfully making all manner of things ‘materialise and de-materialise’. A hoot! The guest list could have been a textile industry ‘Who’s Who’!