Hookless shower curtain. Materialised

2010 Hookless Shower Curtains

Gary stumbled across this simple but ingenious item at a New York Hospitality Design Expo, where a man was captivating a huge crowd by swinging from a shower curtain and then ‘zipping’ it off the rail effortlessly.

This integrated hook system has elevated the humble shower curtain with its pesky (perpetually breaking) plastic hooks, to a thing of beauty and simplicity. Hookless shower curtains adorn high style hotels world-wide.

Hookless shower curtain

2010 – We Welcome Momentum Textiles To The Fold

Momentum Textiles sought us out to distribute a comprehensive, beautiful collection of environmentally sensitive decorative fabrics and wall coverings. Notably an 100% Silicone Faux Leather with zero nasties, recycled yarns and re-cyclable fabrics.

Momentum, being based on the West Coast of America, has a handwriting very Australasian (never forget our Kiwis) which compliments beautifully the Materialised product.

2014 Hush Acoustic Sheers Were Launched

In a world where room sound absorption has forever been accomplished with fibrous mass, the notion of a light, semi transparent acoustic drapery or acoustic sheer roller blind fabric achieving the same or better outcome was seen as revolutionary among Acousticians!

Soundcheck, Acoustic Sheers
Image credit: McNally Architects, RSL Lifecare

2016-17 – WeaveUp Was Born

Of all the innovation, WeaveUp is so far our biggest and most audacious undertaking!

The notion of a Designer, from a computer, iPad or phone anywhere on the planet, being able to select from a massive, diverse (40,000 and growing) collection of patterns and textures, that can be customised by scale, colour, repeat and base cloth and order a sample of that unique creation on line, with a key-stroke is stuff that only a few years ago would have been considered Science Fiction!

WeaveUp is to textile printing innovation, what (pun intended) the steam engine was to weaving, all those years ago! Materialised has a reputation for bringing innovation to the contract textile market; Introducing dye sublimation printing, Crypton fabrics and WeaveUp!
WeaveUp is a web based print library hosting images from Designers around the world, enabling manipulation of colour, scale, repeat and texture; all at the click of a button on your computer.
Once your selected design and base cloth is coloured and scaled to your requirements, a ‘strike-off’ sample will be rushed to you for approval. It’s that easy!

Additionally, WeaveUp has the capacity for you to load your own creation to the site. Once curated by our WeaveUp team, your design can generate royalty income from a world wide market. Your ticket to fame and fortune!


Digital Revolution

I never saw myself as a revolutionary. I’m more attracted to the word ‘love’ (spelt backwards in the word revolution) than the idea of fighting!

Actually the digital, age has brought freedom to many.

The textile industry, despite what it seems on the surface, is extremely complex. The fabrics one sees in the Design Studio of the Decorator Store, has been through dozens of editing processes.

At the outset the artist decides which design gets published and which goes into the bin. Then the process of manipulating the scale, repeat, colour etc. takes place. Historically, the design would be further assessed as to whether the investment in engraving rollers was appropriate or if the project ended in the bin.

Once engraved and printed the sales process further imposes their own edit. Who will be the audience, on what base cloth will it be printed which in itself is an edit by determining the end use!

Then of course, which textile house is chosen to distribute? The edit process goes on and on; until now! The digital age has trashed the edit!…

You and the artist leapfrog all the edits.
WeaveUp puts you in charge.
You can indeed be the artist! Total control. Total freedom.

That’s what I love about this revolution! Take a look

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