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Adopting the latest wall covering design trends can attract and retain clientele, residents, staff and guests by creating a point of difference.

Leading the way with state-of-the-art printing technology, we are seeing more and more pattern and colour specified, with a move toward warm and comfortable spaces and fewer white walls. Tropical landscapes, art deco, florals, abstracts, Aboriginal designs… The options are limitless to make a statement in any given space.

Not keen on dramatic visuals and don’t want to go too crazy? We cater for all tastes, styles and briefs and offer a wide range of neutrals.

Top 6 commercial wall covering design trends


Representing the outdoors inside our buildings is by far the most popular design trend Materialised is seeing through their digital printing. Their Leading Designer, Brigitte Marlot says, “Think botanical scenic prints, foliage and large florals, all represented on durable wall covering.”

Patricia Braune Nobilis Palm Tropical wall mural

Scenic murals have found their way into our hospitality venues. As well as opening the space, they transport guests to faraway places unvisitable during the pandemic. Think Mediterranean holidays and tropical getaways. The Australian bush is also a favourite as well as colourful maps.

scenic wall mural
vinyl wall mural sampling
Joy Dawns wall mural

Bold brush strokes and marble-effects, or more subtle, tone-on-tone, almost like weathered plaster.

abstract wall covering design trend
FROM LEFT: Custom wall vinyl for The Central Hotel; Patricia Braune Haven Moss Dark wall vinyl; Dolce Original wall mural;

Subtle textures work well and some favourites in clubs include linen, silks, rattans and wood.

textured wall covering
FROM LEFT: Magnolia Home Grove Husk wall vinyl; Swirl Calacatta wall covering; A selection of textile wall covering; Grace Garrett Paros Wall Char mural

Simple, linear geometrics are popular in one or two colours, sometimes with a hint of art deco.

Plaid wall vinyl concept
Nuance Shetland wall vinyl, Hot Off The Press

Jimmy Pike and Robyn Caughlan are two Indigenous artists from Materialised whose collections present designers with significant cultural heritage detail.

indigenous wall covering design
FROM LEFT: Robyn Caughlan Many Nations Smoke wall vinyl; Robyn Caughlan Spring Blossom Smoke wall vinyl; Jimmy Pike Hailstorm Blossom wall vinyl

Not just for walls

Think outside the box and use wall covering on bar fronts, reception desks and ceilings!

How to work with us

Whatever the current design trend or style, we can help. There is a solution for any brief!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our extensive design library, or want to engage an artist local to your project, we can even work with you to develop and print your own graphics.

Contact the team to find out more and discuss your ideas.

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