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Not sure whether to specify a commercial wall covering vs paint? Commercial design projects place extra demand on walls compared to residential projects, needing to withstand volume of customers and regular cleaning.

Commercial wall covering vs paint

Paint may seem like the cheaper alternative – but is it?

Paint generally needs a re-touch every 18 months and a re-paint every three to four years. In contrast, wall covering can easily last 10 years and would likely be replaced due to a design change, as opposed to needing replacement due to wear and tear.

Lanark Big Sur Cottonwood wall vinyl

Paint may seem like a cheaper alternative but, as a rule, multiply the paint cost by three or four for a truer comparison with wall covering. This factors in the need to re-do paint repeatedly, which is costly to your budget and the environment.

We’ve summed up the following advantages of using commercial wall covering…

7 benefits of specifying commercial wall covering

ANZ Sylvia Park, custom Typoflora wall covering
Custom Typoflora wall vinyl for ANZ Sylvia Park
The Central Hotel
Custom wall vinyl for The Central Hotel
  1. Design and colour – these tend to be the number one reason that wall covering is chosen, taking a space from bland to grand.
  2. Durability and life-cycle – wall covering offers performance and longevity advantages.
  3. “Hide-ability” – not only is the wall covering durable, but it can hide scuff marks, reducing maintenance.
  4. Cleanability & maintenance – wall covering is easy to clean and maintain, and in many cases is bleach cleanable.
  5. Light reflectance – if you’re in an entirely painted room there can be a lot of glare in the space, but wall covering naturally diffuses light and provides a softer background.
  6. Sound absorbency – wall covering offers some NRC benefit (noise reduction coefficient), especially with an embossed or relief design. It refracts the sound in multiple directions and therefore softens noise in a space.
  7. Energy efficiency – wall covering adds an R-value through an extra insulated layer added to the building material.
wall vinyl Lanark Belize Deep Sea
Lanark Cargo Linen Slate wall vinyl
woods wallpaper

Featured products from top left: Belize Deep Sea wall vinyl; Cargo Linen Slate wall vinyl; A selection of Woods wallpaper.

As you can see, there is a wall covering solution for every type of surface, and many benefits over using paint that will save you time and money. Our expert team can guide you, so get in touch with your project requirements.

Get in touch to find the best solution for your project.

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