Kangaroo Paws & Pot of Gold, Sparkling, Patricia Braune

Enamoured by Patricia Braune’s whimsical hand-drawn illustrations, we are proud to welcome her into the Materialised family. Here are some words by Patricia to introduce her new collection to you…

Inspired by the gratitude I feel to be able to live in such an amazing country, I felt compelled to create an Australian Collection. I see beauty in so much around me… The kind, resilient people, diverse landscapes and our incredibly beautiful fauna and flora. We are a Nation with so much to offer. I wanted to translate this into a wallpaper and textile collection by creating my Australian Lines Collection.

Each design depicts an Australian element that has captivated me. The collection has been created to work as a collective of co-ordinating designs or individually as strong, stand-alone, versatile designs. There are eight colour stories that allow for easy integration of designs depending on your palette and project requirements.

Grevillea Nectar and Mallee Pods
Cushion: Mallee Buds Flourish on Arizona. Wall: Grevillea Nectar Flourish on Main Sail

Mallee Buds

The flower buds from the Eucalyptus tree were my inspiration for this design. Grouped buds with their prominent ribs and waxy outer shell is the bud before the bloom.

Grevillea Nectar

Grevillea flowers are referred to as the original “bush lollies”. This design snapshots the honeyeaters in motion as they drink nectar from the intricate Grevillea flowers.

In The Trees

Named in honour of Major Sir Thomas Mitchell, who wrote, “Few birds more enliven the monotonous hues of the Australian forest than this beautiful species whose pink-coloured wings and flowing crest might have embellished the air of a more voluptuous region.” In the Trees design captures a moment of ‘quiet’ in the trees filled with a Major Mitchell clan.

Kangaroo Paws

With slim stems and six claw-like shapes this Australian native is iconic in its silhouette. Staying true to this graphic plant, this design is simple light and woven with these delicate stems.

Kangaroo Paws & Pot of Gold, Sparkling, Patricia Braune
Wall: Kangaroo Paws Sparkling on Main Sail. Tablecloth: Pot of Gold Sparkling on Arizona
furnishing textiles and wall covering, Patricia Braune by Materialised
Wall: Waratah Garden Blushing on Main Sail. Cushion: Kurrajong Pod Blushing on Peau De Peche
Nobilis Palm Grande, Patricia Braune
Cushion: Nobilis Palm Grande Sunlit on Arizona

Pot Of Gold

These evergreen shrubs became part of my collection of designs for their resilient qualities much like the Australian spirit. This design is knitted with the stems creating a tapestry.

Kurrajong Pod

On a medium-sized tree known as Kurrajong you will find these seedpods. The pods have been used by Aboriginal tribes around Australia for millennia. This graphic pod is textural and a pleasure to illustrate and create a design that depicts these iconically Australian pods.

Nobilis Palm wall covering & furnishing textiles, Patricia Braune
Wall: Nobilis Palm Sunlit on Main Sail. Cushion: Nobilis Palm Grande Sunlit on Arizona

Nobilis Palm & Nobilis Palm Grande

This palm is iconic of the tropical regions of Australia. These crowned palms are grand in size. Their fan-like fronds are graphic by nature and create a design that is stylish and noble. From the Nobilis Palm design I explored the scale of this design which yielded a more graphic quality that reflects the Nobilis Palm’s true scale.

Waratah Garden & Telopea Bloom, Patricia Braune
Wall: Waratah Garden Blushing on Main Sail. Cushion: Telopea Bloom Blushing on Peau De Peche


With florets opening from the edges towards the centre, the magnificent Waratah flowerhead is a strikingly grand bloom, making it a pleasure to illustrate and create a design that is dedicative of these inflorescences. Bold and impressive.

Waratah Garden

Also known as the New South Wales Waratah, the multiple Spring flowerheads were my inspiration. I could not go past these iconic flowers, and strove to create a design that reflects their Springtime magnificence.

Patricia Braune by Materialised

I’m thrilled to be launching my Australian Lines Collection in collaboration with Materialised. As this Australian collection is very special to me, collaborating with a company that has such a fantastic reputation, as well as local manufacturing, is paramount.

Working with Materialised has been fantastic! From our first meeting, I knew this was going to be a successful collaboration. Their strong infrastructure, systems and creative marketing team have made them really amazing to work with. Their attention to the small details and encouragement of my art and designs makes me feel very appreciated and welcomed to the Materialised family.

I look forward to a long and successful relationship with Belinda, Gary and the Materialised team.

Patricia Braune – About The Author

Patrica Braune is a Sydney-based Textile & Surface Designer. You can see her new Australian Lines Collection for wall covering and furnishing textiles here. In addition, a stunning textile art collection is available to work back with the range. The art is available in acoustic and non-acoustic options (framed or unframed.)

Credits: Styling by The Life Style Edit

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