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Sibella Court Nostalgia Collection

Sibella Court is now amongst Materialised’s premium designers with her NOSTALGIA furnishing textile and wall covering print collection. The range is steeped in her memories of spending a decade living in New York City, a time dreaming up magical sets for magazine photoshoots, ads and catalogues. We are proud to be the new home for the range, digitally printing in Sydney Australia.

Visiting her design studio and retail shop The Society Inc, you are instantly immersed in a wonderful world of curiosities and Sibella’s unique design signature. Full of products celebrating the beauty of craftsmanship, attention to detail and passion, it is a place for your imagination to explore and create!

Lafayette Dragonfly, Nostalgia, Sibella Court
Lafayette Dragonfly wall covering | Photography by Chris Court
Duane Grosgrain, Nostalgia, Sibella Court
Duane Grosgrain wall covering | Photography by Chris Court
Franklin Riverkeeper, Nostalgia, Sibella Court
Franklin Riverkeeper wall covering | Photography by Chris Court

The Nostalgia Collection

Developed from Sibella’s extensive library after years of travelling and sourcing, we are beyond delighted to invite you to explore the NOSTALGIA collection. It consists of 8 unique designs in numerous colourways.

“Although NOSTALGIA is not instantly recognisable as being from a specific time, era or place, the patterns and colours are a nod to the past, to trigger fond memories of a person dear to you, a place you loved or a period of time in your life.” – Sibella Court

All designs work back with one another, allowing you to create lots of different looks and combinations. With classic stripes and bold florals there’s something for everyone! In addition, these colourways have been carefully developed to work back with Sibella’s Muro Bond paint collection and her tile range with Teranova, helping you to further curate that perfect space for your project.

All 8 designs are available for contract and interior design markets, on a wide selection of furnishing textiles and wall covering base substrates.

About Sibella Court

With a history degree and 25 years of industry experience behind her, Sibella Court carries a bag of hard-won magic tricks which she weaves into her role as an interior designer, product designer, author, globetrotter and content creator.

Originally embarking on her career path as a stylist in Sydney, her vast repertoire working in editorial and advertising was firmly established during 10 years in New York. She spent the decade styling and concepting with such powerhouses as Bergdorf Goodman, Jo Malone and Donna Karan. She also contributed to a vast array of magazines including Vogue Living, Martha Stewart Living and House & Garden.

Sibella evolved from stylist to designer upon returning to Sydney, applying her inimitable approach to bigger and more permanent spaces. The hospitality spaces and high end residences she has worked on showcase her attention to detail and immersive style, described by Condé Nast Traveler as ‘haute-bohemian’. Some of these projects include Palmer & Co, Mr Wong, Hotel Palisade and Bullo River Station. 

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