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Floral Dancer, Hot Off The Press Collection

Our most recent Hot Off The Press ‘Siena’ Collection was created in-house by our Textile Designer, Chloe Evans. It has received rave reviews and so we’ve asked Chloe some questions about her new range, Floral Dancer.

What Inspired This Collection?

This originally started with me just drawing rough floral shapes loosely in my sketchbook, keeping it rather simple with just line work and no shading as a result I had created a rather abstract stylised flower. 

I then took inspiration from the natural movement and growth and began overlapping the different motifs in a composition that mimicked that. 

Floral Dancer, design process, Hot Off The Press
Floral Dancer, design process, Hot Off The Press
Floral Dancer, design process, Hot Off The Press
The Design Process in PhotoShop

I made use of the pockets of shapes made by the line work as areas to drop in a contrasting colour palette. Meaning I could experiment with 11 colours in just one print, it wasn’t easy narrowing down the final colourways to just 5!

However, that does give flexibility, a client can easily add in a specific colours that refers to their current project if necessary. 

To tie back with the main print and continuing the theme of growth, I created Seed. A ditsy coordinate, that uses the smaller element from Floral Dancer. Grain then balances out the range and introduces a texture, adding more depth than just a solid colour.

What Colour Palette Are You Leaning Towards In 2020?

Greens & purples! In particular the sages and forest greens paired up with the lilac and aubergines. This is both a calm and colourful combo, and a great balance for a feminine and masculine palette.

Seed and Grain, Hot Off The Press

Which Are Your Particular Favourites?

Tricky I like them all. I do love the pop from Floral Dancer Tango paired up with Seed Reef and Grain Lemongrass. Yet the softness from Floral Dancer in Eucalyptus, with Seed and Grain Mulberry is also a favourite of mine. 

Floral Dancer textile collection
Floral Dancer fabric stack

Image Credits

Handles from Handle House / Tiles from Tile Cloud / Rattan from ReKnew Designs / Carpet by Cavalier Bremworth.

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