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New Zealand artist and designer, Miranda Brown, is redefining new models of what it means to be a visual creative in the 21st Century. Her new commercial, high-performance fabric, wall covering and art collection offers a cultural narrative of our time with her nature-based illustrations and design work.

The Artist

“Essentially my art and design is all about connecting people to the beauty of nature, to enhance wellbeing and to inspire people to look after our natural world. By integrating my nature-inspired designs into the built environment I am able to create spaces that nurture people by mimicking nature’s resonance through colour and pattern. Nature is beautiful by design,” says Miranda.

Brown’s work has been likened to that of William Morris who led the arts and craft movement in Britain and Europe from the 1920’s. Morris and Brown reflect their passion for nature and skilled craftsmanship with their flora and fauna designs, intricately woven together in stylised repeat patterns that are romantic and exotic.

Miranda Brown night sky  colourway printed on a mix of our commercial graded fabrics
Midnight colourway printed on a mix of our commercial graded fabrics
miranda brown in her studio
Miranda Brown creating in her home studio

The Collection

“I feel the greatest peace, joy and harmony in nature and it is this energy I integrate into my designs through natural colours, patterns and textures. This launch is a fantastic opportunity for people to bring nature indoors for their wellbeing through these sumptuous textiles and wall covering.”

As a sustainable leader and storyteller, Miranda’s creative practice inspires audiences to connect with nature and reflect.

Miranda Brown Printed textiles
Bronze colourway

My inspiration is nature. I simply love the natural world. The mountains, the rivers, the beach. I’m aware of the patterns, the sand, the way it moves. The plants. The birds. The flora and fauna. This is what I draw in through my pencil. The energy of nature. The subject of nature. I create these stylised images. I sit and meditate and the images just come through,” says Miranda.

The Designs

Miranda Brown’s collection with Materialised is made up of six stunning designs in an abundance of colourways. The range has been developed to work perfectly back with our range of substrates. From statement wallpaper to soft delicate sheers it will be hard no to find something to fall in love with.

Miranda’s drawings are rich with detail and we’ve made sure this is captured when digitally printed. Take a look at Divine Messenger and the intricate line work featured in each of the birds!

See the full collection here

Meet the artist

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