The Brief.

Custom wall vinyl was developed for guest bedrooms and reception area of Ovolo The Valley. The hotel won Best Deluxe Accommodation at the QLD Hotels Association Awards for Excellence, 2019.

Utilising a Liz Casella design produced under license, we worked with Woods Bagot designers offering various colour options on Sandy Bank wall vinyl substrate. The final selections in Gold and Forest were used as the backdrop in the guest rooms.

Also requested was a textured finish wall vinyl for all other walls in the rooms in a chalk colourway. The client was keen to have a low maintenance finish in the rooms. We provided options in the Linum design which was within the colour scope and the selection was confirmed as Linum Chalk.

Ovolo The Valley wall vinyl
Ovolo The Valley wall vinyl

An organic waterfall image was also required for the reception area, fading out as it came down the entire wall. Our design team worked in conjunction with the specifying designer and developed an ombre snakeskin which we printed onto a vertical shimmer wall vinyl, Cibolo. The panels were approx. 3.9 metre drop per panel.

Materialised Products

  • Guest bedroom wall vinyls: Custom Liz Casella design and Linum Chalk, both on Sandy Bank.
  • Reception area: Custom design printed onto a vertical shimmer wall vinyl, Cibolo.
Ovolo The Valley lobby wall vinyl

The Team & Credits

Architect: Woods Bagot

Photographer: © Dion Robeson

Materialised Team: WA