The Brief.

This sophisticated aged care facility, home to 100 residents as well as a dementia unit for 16, required warm textures and organic shapes to create a sense of comfort and optimism.

With in-house design expertise, Crown Furniture selected a neutral colour palette, with layers of bold floral pops of colour to create a fresh, contemporary feel to the space.

Lynne Tanner
Noosa Armchair in Lynne Tanner Wattle Canary on Zircon Zem and Crypton Mia North Sea
Aged Care Dining
Dana Side Chair with Lynne Tanner Native Laurel on Zircon Zem with Crypton Burke Eucalyptus (foreground) and armchair in Crypton Clooney Lavender (background)

Aged Care Design Requirements

Personalised, home-like environments are of course key to such facilities. Design principles for aged care specify a domestic ambience and the avoidance of any institutional characteristics.

This sense of belonging, familiarity and safety is felt through the selection of upholstery fabrics. The furniture needs to be easy to move, easy to use, yet also create a sense of ambience and comfort. All of which Crown delivered for this project.

Aged Care Design
Dana Armchair with Lynne Tanner Wattle Canary on Zircon Zem and Endurance Ink.

Materialised Products

Lynne Tanner’s timeless style, with design influence from a childhood spent on the Australian coast, meant her textile designs were the perfect choice for Robina Rise. Natural strength, happiness and optimism pervade her creations!

The base cloths were also key with a selection of waterproof Cryptons and Zircons, as well as practical faux leathers.

Australian framed wall art is featured throughout, pairing perfectly with the furnishing textiles.

Crown Furniture upholstery
Balmoral Single Lounge in Bouquet Aqua on Zircon Zem (external) and Crypton Aria Cornsilk (internal)
Aged Care Cafe
Dana Armchair in Lynne Tanner Native Laurel on Zircon Zem and Endurance Ink seat.
Materialised upholstery fabric, Crown Furniture
Epoch Tub Lounge in Lynne Tanner Carnival Salmon on Crypton Aria Snow (external) and Crypton Aria Snow (internal)

The Team & Credits

Furniture: Crown Furniture
Designers: Katrina Miranda & Rebecca Holmes, ThomsonAdsett Queensland
Photography: © Ryan Linnegar
Materialised Team: QLD