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As the name suggests, Hot Off The Press is a design collection created by our own Materialised Designers, and we regularly release new collections. Hot!

Hot Off The Press is an expression originating in the 1900’s in the newspaper industry. It describes the very first copy of the days publication, rushed by the Copy Boy for inspection to the Editor in advance of him or her issuing the order “Roll the Presses”!

Materialised’s textile equivalent is we rush to you, our clients (the Editors) the most up to date, exciting designs whilst they truly are hot, both metaphorically and physically (hot from our print process)

Hot Off The Press
Fabrics & Wall Covering

The design styles are varied to cater to a broad audience.

Most designs have two to three co-ordinates to help you create your own story and furnish a complete room with ease. These designs can be printed on demand onto any of our base cloths, print compatible furnishing textiles or commercial wall vinyls with low minimum order quantity.

Hot Off The Press Collection

Furnishing Textiles & Wall Covering

View Materialised’s in-house talent with an array of designs created by our own team of textile designers.

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