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Acoustic Walls On Steroids

In the ten years since Materialised purchases the Australasian WhisperWall® license, the awareness of the acoustics in interior design has (thankfully) increased enormously!

The WhisperWall® system of attaching and decorating acoustic absorbers is often said to have caused a truce in the war between Acousticians and Designers. You can read more about that here.

With WhisperWall® the acoustic solution now can double as an integral part of the interior design.

The profile has 82 different configurations enabling mounting in a wide variety of effects and depths of absorber.

One configuration is WhisperArt® which, as the name suggests, appears like an art piece.
Another, WhisperPin®, is a decorative, sound absorbing Pin-board.

Whilst the name WhisperWalls® suggests an acoustically quiet space, your clients will be yelling in praise of the outcome!

Give us a shout, and we can show you the system!

Materialised WhisperWalls® Case Studies