Momentum Textiles

Since 2009, Materialised has held an Australian distributorship for the Momentum Textile range.  This has allowed us to provide our clients access to a growing selection of upholstery that has achieved numerous awards in the United States.

Materialised’s  collaboration with Momentum is based on a desire for our clients to have access to an extensive and highly useable range of Performance Fabrics that align with Australian Standards, client requirements, design, style and aesthetics.

An employee owned company since 1993, Momentum’s core values reflect Materialised’s value and are guided by a continued focus on quality and service.

An extensive range of aesthetically inspiring Performance Fabrics, Momentum fulfill the evolving design essentials of the contract industry.  With three distinctive commercial fabric brands, the range provides a comprehensive selection of products that meet the needs of the office, hospitalty and healthcare industries.

Momentum’s 3 distinct brands:

Momentum Textiles – Performance Fabrics that include woven fabrics, vinyls, panels, and cubicle cloth.

Loomsource – A comprehensive line of guest room seating upholstery that meets the specialised needs of the hospitality industry.

Textus – The Textus product range meets the needs of high end corporate customers.

To view their entire collection, please contact your local Materialised office to arrange a presentation or visit to view the entire range.

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