Acoustic Ceilings

Acoustic ceiling panels

Since the launch of our acoustic ceiling panel products in 2009, we’ve worked on many standout, unique and interesting acoustic ceiling projects in Australia and New Zealand, some of which are highlighted below.

If you’re looking for custom, sustainable acoustic ceiling panels and an expert team who look after you from design to installation, then here are our two acoustic ceiling panel options for your perusal…

WhisperCeiling, acoustic ceiling panels

WhisperCeiling Acoustic Ceiling Panels

WhisperCeiling® is an upholstered acoustic ceiling panel system that is built directly into the ceiling and constructed on-site. An acoustic solution that doubles as an integral part of interior design.

WhisperCloud, suspended acoustic ceiling

WhisperCloud Suspended Acoustic Ceiling

WhisperCloud® is an acoustic hanging panel solution that suspends from ceilings to help control noise.

Acoustic Ceiling Project Highlights

Roxy Cinema Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand

This is the home-town theatre of Lord of The Rings and Avatar film studio. Our brief was to effectively ‘upholster’ the vaulted ceiling of the foyer with images of the famous Avatar movie. The effect was stunning, the task was challenging, the result was amazing, and the experience was priceless. 

University of Technology, Sydney

Another was the ceiling of a space at UTS where we were commissioned to line the ceiling of a car park being converted to a study space. The reverberation was deafening! The design involved printing a cloudy blue-sky image. The result was a bright, attractive quiet space that was formerly like an echo chamber.

The Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, NSW

This gallery, with its vaulted arched ceiling, was also suffering with a terrible ‘reverb’ problem. The solution was to install a 50mm WhisperTrack acoustic ceiling within the lighting track hardware. This was upholstered with a soft, custom printed plain texture, rendering the acoustic solution imperceptible to the casual observer. 

Our quirkiest brief? To install the South Australian University Post Office ceiling with a suspended acoustic cloud using an aerial image of Adelaide Airport. 

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