Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Acoustic Ceilings

WhisperCeiling® is an upholstered acoustic ceiling panel system that is built directly into the ceiling and constructed on-site. An acoustic solution that doubles as an integral part of interior design.

In the decades since Materialised purchased the Australasian WhisperCeiling® license, the awareness of acoustics in interior design has increased enormously.

Sustainable Acoustic Absorber

The CSR Martini dECO Quiet Board acoustic absorber is manufactured from thermally bonded polyester fibre with up to 80% recycled fibre content from post-consumer PET packaging. It has a Global GreenTag GreenRate™ Level A certification with a Global GreenTag Platinum HealthRATE™ certification and is therefore suitable for Green Star projects.

CSR Martini Global GreenTag Certifications

How It Works

A patented polymer tracking system enables tightly stretching our commercial grade fabric over the acoustic absorbers for wall panel solutions. See NRC ratings in the table below.

With 58 tracking profiles to choose from we are able to cater for any ceiling design situation. The most common tracks are for 12mm, 25mm and 50mm acoustic absorbers. We can work with any specification nominated by an acoustic engineer.

NRC Explained

To quantify our product as a commercial acoustic solution, each is tested and awarded an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating. The NRC relates to the absorption effectiveness of the material, and is calculated by averaging how absorptive a material is at four different frequencies.

Our Whisper acoustic products are tested at 125hz, 250hz, 500hz, 1,000hz, 2,000hz and 4,000hz. Taking the average number, it is then applied to the NRC scale of 0 to 1. A perfectly sound absorptive material achieves a 1, whereas a 0 indicates no absorption.

Made In Sydney

There are no standard or pre-fabricated panels as we assemble and install onsite with our team of experienced installers.

We print designs onto a flame retardant fabric with a modified weave, allowing air to freely pass through, whilst maintaining printed integrity. Choose designs from our vast print library or work with our team of in-house designers to supply your own.

Acoustic Ceiling Panel Details & Specs

The acoustic absorbers are manufactured from thermally bonded polyester fibre with up to 80% recycled fibre content from post-consumer PET packaging such as empty drink bottles.

  • GreenTag certified GreenRate Level A
  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Certified in accordance with ISO 14025
  • Product Health Declaration (PHD) certified
  • Declare certified
  • Suitable for Green Star™ projects
  • No red list chemicals are present
  • No ozone-depleting gases are used during the manufacturing process
  • Safe, non-irritant, non-toxic, and non-allergenic
  • Products are 100% recyclable
  • High reuse potential
  • Tested to AS ISO 9705 Corner Burn in accordance with AS 5637.1
  • Group 1 SMOGRA not more than 100m2 /s2 x 1000
  • AS 1530.3
  • Ignitability: 0
  • Spread of Flame: 0
  • Heat Evolved: 0
  • Smoke Developed: 0-1
  • Class A fire rated – Tested as a stretched fabric panel assembly according to ASTM-E84 and ASTM-E2573 fire test standards.
  • 100% Post-Industrial recycled content in most track profiles.
  • 100% Recyclable
  • PVC Free is available in select tracks

A flame retardant fabric with a modified weave is used for our art, allowing air to freely pass through, whilst maintaining printed integrity. 

Ask our team for more information, specific to your project requirements.

We understand that every space is unique, therefore our custom design options allow for an almost unlimited choice of design and colour, or you may choose to use your own images.

Can’t decide what images to use? Head to our extensive Image Library. The library provides a curated collection of designs ranging from abstract, landscapes, photographic and botanicals that suit any project.

Our team can adapt to constructional irregularities and build around objects, switches and other intrusions which may be problematic.

Particularities in installation are relative to each space and should be discussed in detail to guarantee safety and efficiency.

There are important factors that must be considered for a smooth ceiling installation such as:

1) Wall/ceiling material (e.g. Gyprock, brick, timber etc.)
2) Wall/ceiling penetrations (e.g. powerpoints, smoke alarms, light switches etc.)
3) Site accessibility
4) Ceiling height (is a forklift or scaffolding needed?)
5) Working hours for installation (day/night?)

It is crucial that these details are communicated early on in the process in order to minimise complications during engineering and installation.

Technical Overview & Drawings

WhisperWall Whisper Ceiling technical spec
WhisperWall WhisperCeiling technical profile
WhisperWall / WhisperCeiling
Polymer track stretching system (bold lines)
Absorber (curved lines)
Fabric (dashed lines)

“The staff at Materialised took on a major part of the internal installation, which included the printed artwork and acoustic insulation. Their workmanship and attention to detail was, in a word, “extraordinary”. We could not be happier with the final outcome and I can’t thank Materialised enough.” Anthos Simon, General Manager, Edge Content & Technology (Boutique Event Cinema, George Street)

Whilst the name WhisperCeiling suggests an acoustically quiet space, your clients will be yelling in praise of the outcome! Give us a shout, and we can show you the system.

Acoustic Ceiling Panel Case Studies