Hush Light Reduction Drapery

Acoustic Light Reduction Drapery Fabric

Our range of acoustic light reduction drapery fabric offers an array of print designs and plain colour options to satisfy the most exacting demands in aesthetics and functionality.

These fabrics give the look and feel of a soft drape, whilst their technology offers functionality with both light reduction and acoustic control. This delivers an outstanding Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating between 0.58 and 0.71. With the fabric positioned approximately 15 to 20cm from the window or wall, researchers found that it could absorb up to five times as much sound as a typical lightweight non-acoustic fabric.

Acoustic Performance – NRC Ratings

Hush light reduction acoustic performance

Fabric Specification Overview

Print Compatibility

Many of the acoustic drapery fabrics are print compatible, meaning you can choose designs from our vast library which we digitally print onto the base cloths at our manufacturing headquarters in Sydney. Or, you can use them unprinted.

“To deal with an open plan bar space with multi-use requirements, a drapery solution was decided upon to provide flexibility for the clients and acoustic abatement for guests. The solution needed to be both cost-effective and acoustically efficient. Materialised’s acoustic drapery fabric, Midnight, was perfect for the job and was both soft in its handle and weighted in its drape.” – Jodie Duddington, Senior Interior Designer, EJE Architecture.

Case Studies With Acoustic Light Reduction Drapery