Acoustic Solutions for Acousticians and Designers

Attending the National Acoustic Engineers Conference recently, I learned just how destructive noise can be and it got me thinking about our acoustic solutions.

From what we learned from a paper delivered by guest presenter Professor Kerstin Persson-Waye from Sweden, the noise in most hospitals actually causes suffering and impedes healing.

In an hospital situation, Kerstin explained how poor acoustics can in fact be deadly, by virtue of impeding accurate communication.

Education in spaces where acoustics are poor (which sounds like most classrooms I have seen and heard), actually impedes learning dramatically.

Acoustics is a much bigger issue in design and architecture than I had imagined. Huge!

Acoustic Solutions

In conversations with delegates, I often heard reference to the conflict between acousticians and designers (it seems designers don't like brown blobs of acoustic absorbers on their walls). This should not be!

Materialised goes a long way to bringing peace to that conflict.

Our acoustic solutions bring an amazingly versatile aesthetic element to a very effective noise control system.

We have embraced acoustic amenity from a furnishing perspective with our WhisperWalls and WhisperArt programs, and HUSH Sound absorbing sheer curtain and blind fabrics. 

Olivia Newton-John Cancer Clinic, acoustic solutions


Materialised was proud to be a contributor to the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre in supplying textiles throughout.

One particular aspect of the project where our contribution tangibly ‘made a difference’ was where we were able to quell the usual hubbub of such busy places with our WhisperWall acoustic system.

WhisperWalls is a method of adding a decorative facade to the usually uninspiring acoustic management process. The facade is an especially constructed textile onto which we can print virtually anything you can imagine.

Our motto is if you can dream it, we can print it!

Olivia Newton-John Cancer Clinic, acoustic solutions

HUSH Acoustics Sheer Program

At first sight, you wouldn’t believe that beautiful, sheer acoustic fabrics make such a difference to the acoustics of a room. In fact, the best way to really understand the dramatic change is to watch this extraordinary video footage.

Subtle, neutral, translucent fabrics which look amazing space and packs a powerful punch when it comes to sound absorption.

Acoustic Solutions

Deaf Architects & Blind Acousticians

On the subject of acoustics, while re-reading this book by Robert E. Apfel, it brought to mind a fascinating TED talk that addresses this very topical noise issue in Interior Design.

Why architects need to use their ears (Julian Treasure | TEDGlobal 2012)

I believe we should all be on the side of delivering efficient, attractive, comfortable spaces for our fellow humans to inhabit! Come join the revolution and order samples for your next project.

Gary Price, CEO, Materialised.

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