Design Week

As part of Design Week, Gary Price was invited to talk through Materialised’s capabilities as a leading supplier to the contract furnishing market at TAFE’s Ideation Skills Point centre in Parramatta.

The majority of the audience were made up of students from Nepean Arts and Design Interior Design course. Others in the audience where interested creatives who had registered online as part of the Sydney Design Festival 2019 events, as well as local visitors to the area with a passion for textiles and design.

Design Week, TAFE NSW, Gary Price
Gary Price

Fabrics For The Real World

Part of the presentation showcased Materialised’s ‘Fabrics For The Real World’, an exploration into high spec textiles, as well as a walk-through of relevant projects as examples. The goal of the program, as Gary explained, was “designed to equip designers and our future designers, with the tools and knowledge to make choices as to the suitability of fabric selections” and in turn have a better understanding of fabrics for better fitting specification.

The audience was introduced to new textures, colours and new printing processes which are cutting edge. The range of samples and swatches presented opened up a whole range of possibilities for future interior design projects and purposes.

Topics covered technical information like fibre, construction, adding colour and assessing performance test reports to open discussions focusing on sustainability. The presentation also focuses on changes within the textile industry, more so, the realignment of conventional textile printing processes with innovation and technological advancement of digital printing.

Design Week, TAFE NSW, Materialised
Design Week, TAFE NSW, Materialised fabrics

Revolutionary digital library

The conclusion of the presentation changes the mood as participants are invited to engage in a revolutionary textile platform that provides designers the opportunity to design more fluidly, choosing fabric and the ability to adapt it to suit their purpose. Weave Up’s design library gives unprecedented access to patterns that can be manipulated in scale, repeat, colour and base-cloth.

With sustainability in mind, digital printing technology and Weave Up’s digital specification and design flexibility enables designers to choose and sculpt exactly what they need. They can share their boards digitally before going to production, eliminating unwanted sampling and ultimately landfill.

Gary made a further point that the choice of fibre content of a fabric is a minuscule factor in the whole equation of sustainability. He explains that the assessment of the most appropriate fabric needs to consider matters like longevity of the fit-out, appearance over the life of the fit-out, stability, abrasion resistance, efficacy of the Flame Retardancy, efficient washability and serviceability.

Design Week, TAFE NSW, Materialised furnishing textiles
Design Week, TAFE NSW, Materialised textiles

What the audience learnt

Sandra Lucock from TAFE NSW said the students “learnt new ways to get a personalised perspective on an interior space for commercial or retail clients, or just for themselves. Students where shown the latest software to create imagery that could be used on furnishings, wallpaper or decorative items in an interior space.”

Lucock added that the talk and presentation was so informative. The audience were given an education on how to personalise a room for a client or an individual to suit their personality and style. The visual presentation was very engaging and provided viewers with a wide range of uses for materials and textures within a space and all the amazing fabric and textual qualities that imagery can be applied to. Both Gary and Krystle are amazing and so professional and provided an inspirational talk to the audience.”

It is Materialised’s vision to help guide those within the design industry to make informed choices about the textiles they specify. We often offer suggestion if we think we can help improve the longevity of a project. Gary is often heard saying; “Having to replace an hotel full of curtains and chairs prematurely, is anything but sustainable”.

Design Week, TAFE NSW, Florence Broadhurst

Giving back to the design community

Sharing their experience is, and always has been, one strong raison d’être for Materialised. Giving back to the design community to better equip those within the design industry is seen as their responsibility as leaders within the textile industry.

If you are interested in participating in the ‘Fabrics For The Real World’ program, please do get in touch. The presentation is roughly 50-60 minutes plus Q&A. Attendees take with them an electronic workbook for future reference.

Design Week, TAFE NSW, Gary Price, WeaveUp
Design Week, TAFE NSW, WeaveUp
Design Week, TAFE NSW, Materialised textiles
Design Week, TAFE NSW, Materialised fabrics

Image credits: Aleksandra Katkova.

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